Bird on a Wire

Other mistake: The list of the previous jobs and aliases of Rick displayed on the computer bears an inconsistency, as "Gordon Connover" from Atlantic City is an identity listed as being over in December 15 1979, but "Harding Bennett" begins on October 16th of the same year in Cleveland. (00:12:50)


Other mistake: The official FBI database lists Diggs by his full name, "Diggins, Alan", followed by the Diggs alias, but Sorenson for the Feds is simply "Sorenson, E.", no first name given. He can't have been convincted and served time without even a full name. (00:14:30)


Continuity mistake: When Mel Gibson is getting the bullet pulled out of his backside, watch his trousers throughout the scene. First they're around his knees, then his ankles, then around his waist.

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Marianne Graves: I need a bed. I need a bath. I need a massage. I need a manicure... I need my therapist.

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Trivia: When the agent pulls from the computer record Richard's file, an alias listed is "David Putnam - Columbia Pictures", employed from 06/04/1973 to 02/01/1975. That's an obvious reference to producer David Puttnam (two Ts), who had a brief stint as head of Columbia Pictures in 1986-87, not making many friends in the then Coca-Cola owned production company. (00:12:50)


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