Bird on a Wire

Plot hole: During the final fight, electricity plays a strange, inconsistent role. Leaving aside the cheesiness of the blue sparks effect, it's quite odd that when said sparks signifying electricity travel up the cable, they do it just up to a certain height at first, but all the way up when it's time to kill the villain - in fact they should have travelled all the way to begin with. Not to mention the fact that Gibson has been touching the metal pretty much all the time and not just when he bodyhooks himself to it with the villain. (01:43:20)


Plot hole: The morning after being shot in the butt at the gas station, Mel Gibson calls witness protection, and tries alias after alias, but finds out they are unknown to the Feds because the evil dude deleted his whole file. Problem is, the agent who has been looking up the name she supposedly did not find, has the computer screen on an empty "Witness Number; K239" page. Which is the right one! How is it possible? The aliases she looked up do not exist, but somehow they returned the appropriate record number. (00:29:10)


Factual error: Mel and Goldie board a ferry. A visible sign states 'Detroit-Racine Ferry'. Detroit is on the east side of the state of Michigan but Racine, Wisconsin is west of Michigan, across Lake Michigan. The only water route to get from Detroit to Racine would be to circumnavigate the entire state of Michigan.

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Trivia: When the agent pulls from the computer record Richard's file, an alias listed is "David Putnam - Columbia Pictures", employed from 06/04/1973 to 02/01/1975. That's an obvious reference to producer David Puttnam (two Ts), who had a brief stint as head of Columbia Pictures in 1986-87, not making many friends in the then Coca-Cola owned production company. (00:12:50)


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