Domestic Disturbance

Plot hole: After the boathouse incident, Frank tries to call and warn his family about Rick. Rick sees Frank's name on the caller ID, indicating his attempt on Frank's life was unsuccessful. Rick then goes into the garage and pulls Susan from the car, stating he just wants to keep Danny as collateral until he is safely out of town. Danny manages to escape. Rick chases the boy. Why? What's the point? All Rick had to do was get in the car and leave. Besides, one would think, taking Danny hostage would only make Frank and the police pursue him more.


Ray Coleman: You're lucky it was just me who figured it. Otherwise you would have had all three of us for wedding guests.

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Trivia: Shortly after completing this film, Vince Vaughn was involved in a bar fight in which his co-star Steve Buscemi was stabbed in the throat, head, and arm trying to back him up. Ironically, it was Vaughn's character who stabbed Buscemi's character in the film.

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