Domestic Disturbance

Corrected entry: The cop told Frank that no evidence was found of a body in the incinerator. However, even if the rest of Steve Buscemi's body had burned to dust, his teeth wouldn't have, as teeth are enamel and don't burn. They would've still been inside the incinerator long after the rest of the body had burned.

Correction: I'm sure Vince Vaughn went back and cleaned up. He was a very smart criminal, so he wouldn't have left behind that type of evidence.


Corrected entry: After Rick kills Ray and takes him to his warehouse, you clearly see that Rick pushes to door open to the side, but when Travolta's character checks the place out he pulls the door open.

Correction: There's a normal-size door in the big sliding door. That's what Travolta opens.

Corrected entry: After Danny looked outside his room after someone tried to open his door (can't be anybody but Rick, considering the frightening way it happens) he gets back in his room. Then Rick threatens him. How could he be IN the room?

Correction: There are 2 doors in his room.

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