Domestic Disturbance

Revealing mistake: When Rick smashes Frank's head through the car window, he throws him on the ground. When he grabs a hold of him to pick him up, you can see it's not John Travolta.


Revealing mistake: When Rick is telling Ray that he's going to have a baby with Susan, Ray says, "get the hell outta here!" But you can see his lips say, "get the fuck outta here."


Revealing mistake: When Rick puts Ray on the table at the brick plant, he stands him up and lies him down. Right before he puts him onto the table, Ray lifts his leg up to assist Rick to get him up there.


Factual error: During the custody hearing, the Maryland flag in the courtroom is upside down. The rule for a Maryland flag is "black and gold, top of the pole," this flag has the red symbol at the top.

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Rick Barnes: You may not know me, but you do know Danny.
Frank Morrison: Oh, I know. He lies. He lies to just about everybody. But you know what?
Rick Barnes: What?
Frank Morrison: He doesn't lie to me.

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Trivia: Shortly after completing this film, Vince Vaughn was involved in a bar fight in which his co-star Steve Buscemi was stabbed in the throat, head, and arm trying to back him up. Ironically, it was Vaughn's character who stabbed Buscemi's character in the film.

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