Best in Show

Continuity mistake: Keep an eye on the audience members sitting behind Fred Willard and his partner during the final show scene. The man between them changes from an asian man in a pea green coat to a caucasion man in a tux within the same scene.

Continuity mistake: After Cookie falls and they are trying to figure out who will show Winkie, Ms. Cummings is holding Winkie. The camera changes and the man showing the Shi Tzu is holding him. Then, a second later Ms. Cummings hands Winkie to the man shown holding him just seconds before.

Revealing mistake: When the camera is scrolling the audience at the arena, there are a few people who are obviously made of cardboard in the crowd.

Continuity mistake: When the poodle's owner and handler are being interviewed on TV, the presenter tells them, "There is coffee over there for you.", but neither of them take any. However, in the long shot the owner has a mug of coffee in her hands, but in the close up she has her hands clasped in her lap and no mug.

Continuity mistake: Just before the final competition, Cookie Fleck twists her right knee. When she is watching from the stands, it is her left knee that is bandaged and has the ice pack on it.

Continuity mistake: The gay couple checks in first, the terrier couple (the Flecks) second. Both couples check in on the same day. The clock at the desk is at 4:30 for the gay couple, but 3:10 for the Flecks, who arrived after them.

Factual error: When Gerry and Cookie Fleck are at the Taft Hotel in Philadelphia, the manager of the hotel tries to run the Fleck's credit card through the credit card machine. When the manager pulls the card out and looks at it, you can plainly see that there is no magnetic strip on the back of the card at all. No wonder it didn't work.

Continuity mistake: When the kid has got hold of the dog 'Winky' and is sat on the roof of the shed with a parachute tied to him, the parachute changes sides - first it appears on the left hand side and it the next shot it changes and is on the right hand side.

Continuity mistake: When the two women with the poodle are being interviewed, one woman's legs are crossed in one shot, but in the next shot her legs are not crossed; too quick for her to uncross.

Character mistake: When Bob Balaban is talking about how his ancestor founded the Mayflower Dog Show in 1875, he points to a painting which is meant to depict that time. However, the clothing in that painting is demonstrably from the 1860s - styles had changed radically by the 1870s.

Gerry Fleck: She had dozens of boyfriends,
Cookie Fleck: Hundreds,
Gerry Fleck: Hundreds?
Cookie Fleck: Yeah, hundreds.
Gerry Fleck: Well, I did not know that.

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Trivia: This isn't really a mistake, but it is pretty humorous. When Hamilton and Meg enter the airport with their dog, a "No Dogs Allowed" sticker can be seen on the sliding door.

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Question: Does anyone know what was in Scot's pocket that he threw out during his final circuit?

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