Best in Show

In the late 1800s, the Mayflower Kennel Club and Dog Show was created. It has now attained international renown and dog owners everywhere covet the blue ribbon and title of "Best in Show".

We meet Harlan Pepper and his bloodhound Hubert, Gerry and Cookie Fleck with Winky the Norwich terrier, Meg and Hamilton Swan who own a clinically depressed Weimaraner (Beatrice), Scott and Stefan and their two Shih Tzus and Leslie and Sherrie Ann Cabot and their trainer/handler Christy Cummings, proud owners of the two-time champion Rhapsody in White.


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Gerry Fleck: She had dozens of boyfriends,
Cookie Fleck: Hundreds,
Gerry Fleck: Hundreds?
Cookie Fleck: Yeah, hundreds.
Gerry Fleck: Well, I did not know that.



Keep an eye on the audience members sitting behind Fred Willard and his partner during the final show scene. The man between them changes from an asian man in a pea green coat to a caucasion man in a tux within the same scene.



This isn't really a mistake, but it is pretty humorous. When Hamilton and Meg enter the airport with their dog, a "No Dogs Allowed" sticker can be seen on the sliding door.