Kiss of the Dragon

Kiss of the Dragon (2001)

Ending / spoiler

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Jet Li beats the crap out of all the bad guys. He applies the Kiss of the Dragon technique to the leader of the bad guys (that French dude). Bridget Fonda is reunited with her daughter.

Drunken Master

Continuity mistake: After Jet Li has arrived in France and has left the cab, he is walking up a road which seems like China Town to find the shop with dragon in the window. As he arrives near the shop a prostitute with a long black jacket and red hair is standing and talking to a man wearing jeans. Then Jet looks at the picture and then at the dragon, the camera angle changes and as Jet is about to walk in you see the same woman standing against the wall and the man has done the Jet Li vanishing act.

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Liu Jian: I don't sell shrimp chips.

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