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Corrected entry: When Jet Lee appears at the police station to get the little girl and is forced to confront the twin fighters, he first knocks out a guy in the elevator, and just before he meets his adversaries, the doors close up. But when he turns his head back a little later, the elevator doors close again.

Correction: Door continually opens and closes due to the knocked out guy blocking the doors from closing completely. Can be seen after the twins are knocked out.

Corrected entry: If you look at the table, it gets knocked over by Jet Li whilst trying to stop Bridget Fonda from peeing in the doorway but as soon at the shot moves back to Jet Li, you can see the table is back up even though you can hear Jet walking on a bowl or something shortly after. (00:37:35)

Correction: When he jumps up he almost knocks the table over but you see that he cathes it with his forearms. That would explain why the table was still rightside up but there was a bowl or whatever on the floor.

Corrected entry: Before Jet Li and Bridget Fonda enter the orphanage to rescue her daughter it can be clearly seen that it is night time, all of a sudden when they are up the bedroom there is sunlight shining through a gap in the curtains.

Correction: It was just before dawn, on a cloudy day, when they entered the hospital. By the time they got to the room, sunlight begins shining through a break in the clouds.

Corrected entry: When Tcheky Karyo is bleeding from his face, he blows blood out of his nose, resulting in a copious amount of blood running to his mouth. In the next shot, the area between his nose and mouth is much cleaner than it was before.

Correction: Most people, when blowing something out of their nose, immediately wipe the area under their nose with their finger. He could have done this during the switch in shots.

Corrected entry: It is never explained why on Earth Tcheky Karyo kills the Chinese man and the prostitute in the beginning and wants to frame Jet Li for it. It is also never explained why the French government needs the help of one Chinese policeman.

Correction: Yes it is. The Chinese government want to find out who the man's contact is in France, so they get the French to help. Tcheky Karyo is the man's contact and doesn't want to be found out, so he kills him. He tries to frame Jet Li to cover his back. As the police operation is a joint effort between the French and Chinese, the Chinese insist one of their men is involved.

Continuity mistake: When Jet Li comes out of the hotel room after retreiving the tape of the execution, 3 men run at him from one direction and Inspector Richard from another. Inspector Richard fires 2 rounds, but then all 3 men fall down.

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Liu Jian: I don't like to get bored.
Richard: Me neither, but you turn out to be very boring.

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Question: Is it really possible to stop blood flowing from the brain with a pin stuck in the neck? Also, why does the blood not flow again after Jet Li has removed the pin?

Answer: 1). Yes it is possible. 2) If you listened while Li told the dying man what was happening, he said that when he pulled the pin out, the blood WOULD flow again, except: because of the empty blood vessels, there would be a vacuum effect that would suck too much blood too fast... therefore the guy dies.

Answer: The acupuncture point known as "Point 15" is in a delicate area of the spinal column, a little below the second cervical vertebra. It's a definite knock-out target in fighting, and it can even be a lethal target. But Jet Li's explanation that it somehow prevents blood from flowing away from the brain is pure nonsense.

Charles Austin Miller

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