Kiss of the Dragon

Continuity mistake: After Jet Li has arrived in France and has left the cab, he is walking up a road which seems like China Town to find the shop with dragon in the window. As he arrives near the shop a prostitute with a long black jacket and red hair is standing and talking to a man wearing jeans. Then Jet looks at the picture and then at the dragon, the camera angle changes and as Jet is about to walk in you see the same woman standing against the wall and the man has done the Jet Li vanishing act.

Continuity mistake: When Jet Li comes out of the hotel room after retreiving the tape of the execution, 3 men run at him from one direction and Inspector Richard from another. Inspector Richard fires 2 rounds, but then all 3 men fall down.

Continuity mistake: When Bridget Fonda is hooked to the steel pipe in Richard's office, she is gasping for air. Then the camera angle switches, and if you listen carefully you can hear that her gasping just stops. Nobody can get their breath that fast.

Continuity mistake: Just before Jessica eats the rice she puts her hair behind her ears. Throughout the time she is eating the rice, her hair changes from behind her ears to down each time the camera switches between her and Jet Li.

Continuity mistake: When Jet arrives at the hotel he asks if there are any messages for Mister Smith. The guy puts on his reading spectacles. He finds the letter, takes off his glasses and hands over the letter. Jet reads the message and then turns towards the guy again. The guy is wearing glasses again and takes them off again. (00:05:28)

Continuity mistake: When Jet Li is running from the bad guys after the boat scene, he runs through a dark drainage pipe. As he turns and looks back at his pursuers he is close to the grate which he opens to get to the subway. As he turns around again to get to the grate he has to run some more to get there to make his escape. How could he be 2 feet away in one shot and 20 feet away in the next? (00:49:00)

Continuity mistake: When Tcheky Karyo is shooting the Chinese Triad boss, Jet Li is jumping out of the window and climbs down the balcony. Karyo is emptying an entire Uzi-clip after Li, without hitting him and later, after the "pool-table-scene", Li is running out of the hotel's entrance across the same place. However, there are no bullet holes whatsoever in the ground. (00:16:50)

Continuity mistake: Near the end when Jet is in the police station and is fighting against all the black belts, at one point, 3 fighters take their stance against Jet. You can see the edge of the gym mat right behind Jet. As the 3 guys advance, Jet defends and backs up for at least 20 feet but he never reaches the end of the mat.

Continuity mistake: When Jet Li is against the 60 odd black belt ninjas, at the end of the fight when three charge at him he stops every blow and then takes them out, in the back ground behind them you can see 2-3 blackbelts getting up ready to fight. Suddenly it cuts to the guys blowing away at the door to open it and walk in to find Jet Li gone and the blackbelts all hurt on the floor. The 2-3 blackbelts went from ready to fight to hurt in a matter of seconds, while Jet did his magical disappearing trick once again.

Continuity mistake: When Bridget Fonda is stitching up Jet Li's wound, her hair is falling loose around her face. As the scene progresses, her hair is shown neatly tucked behind her ears from different camera angles, then falling loose again on other shots.

Continuity mistake: When Jet Li comes out of the hotel room after retreiving the tape of the execution, 3 men run at him from one direction and Inspector Richard from another. Inspector Richard fires 2 rounds, but then all 3 men fall down.

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Jessica: I'm not your type, huh?
Liu Jian: I don't have a type.

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Question: Is it really possible to stop blood flowing from the brain with a pin stuck in the neck? Also, why does the blood not flow again after Jet Li has removed the pin?

Answer: 1). Yes it is possible. 2) If you listened while Li told the dying man what was happening, he said that when he pulled the pin out, the blood WOULD flow again, except: because of the empty blood vessels, there would be a vacuum effect that would suck too much blood too fast... therefore the guy dies.

Answer: The acupuncture point known as "Point 15" is in a delicate area of the spinal column, a little below the second cervical vertebra. It's a definite knock-out target in fighting, and it can even be a lethal target. But Jet Li's explanation that it somehow prevents blood from flowing away from the brain is pure nonsense.

Charles Austin Miller

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