Left Behind: The Movie

Factual error: When Buck first sees the videotape left behind by Pastor Billings, Bruce Barnes tells him about a prophecy contained in "Daniel Nine, Chapter 27." As a pastor, Barnes should have known that the Bible is divided into chapters and verses. He should have said "Daniel 9:27," "Daniel Chapter 9, Verse 27," or "Daniel Nine, verse 27." The point is, "27" is the VERSE, not the CHAPTER. (01:15:05)

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Suggested correction: You have to keep in mind that Bruce was one of the only people in the church to be left behind. He admits himself that he wasn't where he should have been spiritually. So it makes sense that he wouldn't quote scripture properly at this point, he was practically a brand new Christian that was thrust into leadership, learning with his new congregation.

Factual error: The airline pilot's hats were reversed. In the airport scene, the captain was wearing the First Officer's hat and the First Officer was wearing the captain's hat.

Factual error: Whenever they show the flagpoles "in front of the United Nations", it's actually those in front of Ottawa's Conference Centre, and the flags are those of the Canadian provinces and territories.


Factual error: Where Buck Williams goes outside to report on the attack he has an XL1 camera with him. We see that he grabs the microphone from the camera and uses it to make his report but in fact the XL1 camera microphone is not wireless or has a long enough cable for him to be able to pull the microphone off the camera and use it. (00:07:50)

Factual error: The airline pilot wears a coat with captain's ranks on the sleeve but he's also wearing shoulder boards with a U.S. Navy Captain's insignia (you can tell by the star between the button and the stripes). Coats are worn either with the stripes on the sleeves or on the shoulder but never both. In another scene, you will see him having taken his coat off and still be wearing another set of shoulder boards, this time with airplane insignias. So he was wearing those shoulder boards underneath his coat with that other set of shoulder boards. Shirts have shoulder loops not boards.

Factual error: When Buck's going to meet Alan in a private airplane (in Chicago) the plane passes by the C.N. Tower and the Skydome, ie. Canada.

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