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Corrected entry: It's still some degree of daylight in the exterior shot of Rayford's plane. Inside the plane, several passengers have their window guards up, and it's pitch black outside. Outside one window you can even see the blinking red light (anyone who has sat near the wing on a red-eye flight can relate). But when Rayford decides to turn the plane around, the exterior shot still shows some daylight.

K.C. Sierra

Correction: This is possible depending on which side of the plane the passengers are on and the plane's altitude. If the plane is at an average of 35-40.000 feet, if the sun is setting or rising, it's possible to have darkness on one side of the plane, as it is still in shadow, but the sky already lightening.

Corrected entry: When the injured man steals Chloe's car, she runs up to the camera screaming "That's my car!" but the sound isn't there. Afterwards, as she turns away, shocked, she says "That's my car" again quieter, but she doesn't move her mouth.

Correction: That must have been on a certain type of version because on the version I've seen she says 'he stole my car' and her mouth does move.

Corrected entry: The airline captain's jacket that Rayford was wearing had a large nametag that said CAPTAIN. No airline I know of wears these.

Correction: It's a fictional airline, likely to have fictional nametags.

Corrected entry: In the attack on Israel scene, Buck begins a live transmission without informing anyone at GNN headquarters what he is about to do. Anyone in the news business knows this is impossible. Reporters can't just break into regular programming without telling anyone at the network.

Correction: No one said that he was interrupting programming. He could have just been sending it to GNN for them to air after he had finished filming.

Corrected entry: When people start disappearing, it all doesn't make any sense whatsoever with actual Biblical facts. According to the Bible, when going into Heaven people will be given new bodies and the old Earthly bodies will be left behind. So, when they start seeing clothes where people should have been, the body should still be in the clothes as only the soul is taken during the Rapture.

Correction: This isn't really a mistake, it's more down to Biblical interpritation. Matthew 24 states that "two people will be in a field, one will disappear, the other will be left behind" so it is perfectly feasible for the film to feature people's bodies disappearing, depending on which part of the Bible you read.

Corrected entry: When Chaim and Buck run inside the Isreali Air Force Command and Control Center, they aren't stopped. No locked doors. No one guarding the entrance to the facility or room. They come and go as they please. Command and Control Centers are heavily guarded in real life.

Correction: First of all, the soldiers knew that Buck and Chaim were out there. Second, it is a soldier that pulls them in to the Control Center. They knew who they were pulling in.

Continuity mistake: Whenever they are supposedly in the United Nations building, there is an enormous window where we can see the Bank of Montreal and Canada Trust buildings in Toronto.

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Bruce Barnes: Oh boy. Ha. What a fraud I am. Everybody bought it. Ha. Except me. I knew your message, I knew your word, I stood right here and preached it, and I was done. But there gone, there gone and, oh but no one would believe in two different things. I was living a lie, living a lie. Oh, God, I am kneeling before you. Now asking you, God forgive me for my sins. And I'm asking you, give me one more chance.

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Trivia: When Buck is live on air, there is a guy saying "That's our Buck". This is a cameo of the singer/songwriter Bob Carlisle, famous for his song 'Butterfly Kisses'.

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