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Continuity mistake: When Chris and Lydia discover that Mrs. Doubtfire is really their father, he explains Uncle Frank's and Aunt Jack's part in it. When it cuts back to Lydia, she has a long length of hair down the front of her right shoulder, but in the next shot, when she says, "It's really you in there," the hair is suddenly behind her shoulder.

Other mistake: At the start of the film we see Gloria Chaney, the Hillards' neighbour, drop a rabbit at her feet and then shout 'shoo' at it whilst pushing it with a brush. If she had it in her hands, why didn't she just drop it outside of her garden, instead of at her feet, making her have to push it to get it out of her garden?


Continuity mistake: When Mrs Doubtfire is pouring the cayenne pepper into Stu's dish of jambalaya, you can see that the container has nothing on the side, but when Mrs Doubtfire has finished, a label has suddenly appeared.

Character mistake: When Mrs. Doubtfire gets her own TV show at the end, she asks the puppet if he knows anything about England. The reply is, "I only know that it's an island", which is not true. Britain is an island, not England.

Continuity mistake: When Daniel (dressed as Mrs Doubtfire) is at the pool bar drinking, the bartender is wearing a black suit jacket. In the next scene, he is wearing a white suit jacket.

Visible crew/equipment: When Daniel is having a spaghetti dinner with Chris, Lydia and Natalie in his flat, you can see the equipment crew reflected in the picture frame before we see the family eating.

Continuity mistake: When Daniel/Mrs Doubtfire goes to the bathroom after his false teeth fell out in his wine glass, you can see he is holding the teeth before entering, but when he is in the bathroom, the teeth have disappeared.

Continuity mistake: When he's in the empty studio playing with the dinosaurs there is a picture of a spider on the wall behind him that keeps moving.

Angie Killian

Continuity mistake: In the restaurant scene, just after Miranda takes Natalie to the bathroom, Lydia picks up her menu and opens it just a crack. Then Mrs. Doubtfire starts talking and the camera cuts to a closer shot, and the menu is suddenly all the way open. (01:33:00)

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Trivia: Adding to the 'carpe dentum' contribution, if you look at Pierce Brosnan when Mrs Doubtfire gets up from the table, he is moments away from bursting out laughing. According to the commentary track on the dvd, it was this reference to Dead Poets Society that tickled Brosnan but he managed to keep a straight face and so they didn't need to reshoot.

Sam Johnson

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Question: When Daniel is calling home to apply for the job of housekeeper, why did he use different accents instead of just using the British accent instantly?

Answer: Daniel was pretending to be different people that were just all very horrible, so he used different accents. This way, when the "British nanny" calls, he was hoping Miranda would instantly consider him. If he called pretending to be Ms. Doubtfire right away, she might not have basically given him the job right away. And if he used the charming British accent for all his characters, it would have lost its charm when he decided to be Ms. Doubtfire.


Answer: He was just practising or trying it out, and took a while to think of it.

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