Mrs. Doubtfire

New this month Trivia: Near the beginning, the kids are watching something on TV with a man transforming another man's face. This is the second episode of the 1963 television show The Outer Limits, known as The Hundred Days of the Dragon. Part of the plot of this episode involves a man wearing a mask and makeup pretending to be someone else. That's the plot of Mrs. Doubtfire as well.

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Trivia: The newspaper that contains the words 'Doubt Fire' was the same newspaper used on the first episode of Charmed.

Trivia: When Stu calls Daniel a loser at the swimming pool, Mrs. Doubtfire then picks up a lime and throws it at Stu, hitting him on the back of his head. Robin Williams managed to hit Pierce Brosnan on the third take and the lime you see was made of foam rubber. Mrs. Doubtfire then tells Stu it was a 'run-by fruiting' - this line was improvised by Williams.

Trivia: The man who played Todd the bartender at the swimming pool is Robin Williams' brother, Todd Williams.

Trivia: Adding to the 'carpe dentum' contribution, if you look at Pierce Brosnan when Mrs Doubtfire gets up from the table, he is moments away from bursting out laughing. According to the commentary track on the dvd, it was this reference to Dead Poets Society that tickled Brosnan but he managed to keep a straight face and so they didn't need to reshoot.

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Trivia: In the scene when they are having dinner, and Mrs Doubtfire is fishing the teeth out of the wine glass, she says: "Carpe dentem - seize the teeth" This was a parody of "carpe diem - seize the day" from "Dead poets society". (Yes it's a well known Latin phrase, but the Robin Williams reference is the important bit).

Trivia: At the very end of the film, the Hillard's are interviewing a very stern woman. Her name is crossed off the list that Lydia is holding and we can see her name is Paula Du Pré. Paula Du Pré is the film's Associate Producer.


Trivia: Robin was always trying to get Sally Field to laugh on the set. At one point he did voice imitations of scenes from "Smokey and The Bandit." All he got was a dead stare from Sally.

Trivia: Near the end, when they are in court and Robin Williams makes his emotional closing statement, it actually had to be re-shot because the first time he did it, it was apparently just too much, and the crew were just left speechless. The director decided that this was perhaps a bit too much to take and so they re-shot it.

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Trivia: The scene where Daniel takes his damaged mask of Mrs. Doubtfire to his brother was not in the original screenplay. The producers felt that a scene needed to be added in order to explain why Daniel needed to continue his charade as Mrs. Doubtfire. This scene was improvised on the spot.

Visible crew/equipment: When Mrs. Doubtfire is cooking in the kitchen, sets her fake breasts on fire, then hits them with the pan lids to put them out, you can see the camera crew in the reflection of one of the pan lids.

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Mrs. Doubtfire: I hope you don't mind me being a tad rude, but... How was he? You know, on a scale of 1 to 10?
Miranda: Well, that part was always... Okay.
Mrs. Doubtfire: Just okay? Well, he was probably a Casanova compared to poor old Winston.
Miranda: What was the matter with Winston?
Mrs. Doubtfire: Oh dear, Winston's idea of foreplay was "Effie, brace yourself."

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