Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Trivia: One of the guys says at one point says something like "Look it's the Goodrich blimp" while looking towards the sky. This was in reference to a commercial popular in the 1980s for Goodrich tires where people would be faked out by others after being told to look up at the Goodrich blimp. The fooled one would then say "Hey, Goodrich doesn't have a blimp" after looking up and being tricked. The point was Good Year had the blimp but not Goodrich.

Trivia: The writers of the script, Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, have cameos as waiters in the ice cream place.


Trivia: Jane Wiedlin, who plays the role of Joan of Arc, was the guitar player of the rock band The Go-Go's.


Trivia: The shots of the French army are from the 1956 film War and Peace.


Trivia: When Rufus plays the guitar is being played by famed musician Stevie Salas.


Trivia: Billy tells Socrates a small part of the song "Dust in the wind" from the band Kansas: All we are dust in the wind.


Trivia: Before the guys travel to the wild west, Ted says the slogan of the phone company Bell system "Reach out and touch someone".


Trivia: Eddie Van Halen, Ringo Starr, Sean Connery and Charlie Sheen were considered for the role of Rufus.


Trivia: Pauly Shore, River Phoenix and Sean Penn auditioned for the main roles.


Continuity mistake: When Napoleon first comes back from France and he's hanging in the tree, he disappears when the camera angle changes to an aerial view of Bill and Ted.

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Teacher: Ted, who was Joan of Arc?
Ted: Noah's wife?

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Question: At the beginning of the movie at the Circle K, how could the future versions of Bill and Ted know Rufus' name when Rufus never introduced himself to the present Bill and Ted?

Answer: Because future Bill and Ted said Rufus' name, so present Bill and Ted learned it. It is circular though since they knew because they knew it.

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