Cujo (1983)

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Corrected entry: After Cujo kills his owner, the friend comes to check on him. After finding the owner, the guy picks up the phone, the dog attacks, and the phone falls, off the hook, and isn't replaced. Later the phone rings, but with those kind of phones, if one was off the hook the whole house would be off the hook, so no incoming call could be received.


Correction: Cujo doesn't kill his owner first, Cujo kills his owner's friend at the friend's house. The phone that is off the hook is not the phone that is shown ringing later in the movie.

Corrected entry: When Cujo attacks a cop in the hallway of the house, you can see the dog's tail wagging madly. Actually, the tip of the tail, since the rest of the tail has so obviously been strapped to one of its legs.

Correction: Nothing indicates that it has been strapped down, and no strap can be seen holding it down. The dog just kept its tail down low.

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