13 Ghosts

The rich and ecentric Cyrus Kriticos collects ghosts. While hunting for one in a car yard he and his partner, Dennis Rafkin who is also a psychic, are warned by Damon and Kalina Oretzia. The ghost goes on a rampage and Damon and Cyrus are apparently killed. Cyrus's only living relative, Arthur Kriticos, inherits his house and estate. Arthur's wife died in a horrible house fire, leaving behind him and their two kids, Kathy and Bobby. They hire Maggie Bess, as a nanny and housekeeper. They go to the manor and find out that the uncle had not squandered all the money, the family had thought he did. Cyrus's house is made completely out of glass and everywhere along the walls, ceiling and floor are containment spells. Dennis shows up posing as electrical maintenance. He goes down into the basement to find all 12 of the ghosts he and Cyrus had captured. He makes his way back to the study to warn Arthur and when he finally convinces him, they discover the lawyer took off. They quickly go searching through the house for the rest of the family. By the time they find them, they are locked in. The lawyer, who went to the basement to get the money, started off a machine and began releasing ghosts. He dies soon after. They all travel through the house looking for ways out, but also running from the escaped and very dangerous ghosts. They find glasses througout the house that enable them to see the ghosts. They use those as well as other things to ward off the spirits. About half way through, Kalina shows up again. She claims to want to help Arthur and the others. She explains about the ghosts and the house, and how it's a machine that will enable one person to have all knowledge. But there is a fail-safe. A sacrafice of pure love will destroy the machine. As Arthur and Dennis make their way to the machine center, the kids are kidnapped and Dennis dies. Arthur arrives at the center to find all the ghosts trapped in the energy of the machine. Kalina and Maggie go to the basement to destroy the machine, but Kalina is working with someone else. Cyrus appears and after knocking out Maggie, he kills Kalina. Arthur sees his kids trapped in the middle of the machine, which will enevitably kill them. He turns and finds Cyrus, takes of the glasses and realizes he's alive. Maggie, wakes up and destorys part of the machine, the ghosts get free and kill Cyrus. Arthur jumps and saves his kids, the machine blows up breaking open a wall in the house. All the ghosts leave, Arthur and the kids see their mother/wife, Jean all pretty and everything is alright once more.

Other mistake: When everyone is looking for Bobby, Matthew Lillard says that it is no use shouting because the glass is 100% sound proof. Yet when he is trapped in the cage, he hears Maggie screaming directions for him to dodge the ghost - not sound proof at all then.


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Robert 'Bobby' Kriticos: Mom?
Jean Kriticos, The Withered Lover: I love you guys.

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Trivia: The villain of this film is named "Cyrus." However, in the original "13 Ghosts," Cyrus was actually the name of the protagonist.


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Question: How did the Jackal originally die? I can tell how the other ghosts died (e.g. the newborn baby having an arrow through the head, etc) but how did the Jackal die?

Answer: According to the special features on the DVD, after being committed due to his violence against women, The Jackal went completely insane in the asylum, crying out and attacking any thing and everyone until he was locked in solitary with his now signature cage on his head. When a fire broke out in the asylum, he chose to stay behind and meet his fate,.

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