The Wicker Man

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Sgt Howie hits McGregor (who is dressed as Punch) with a candlestick, watch closely and you can see that the blow from Howie is aimed into the padded section on the back of the punch costume, rather than at the back of McGregor's head.


Revealing mistake: Edward Woodward goes to visit Christopher Lee at the big house. In the grounds, a group of pregnant women are performing a pagan ritual involving jumping over a small bonfire. Woodward the Christian puritan looks out of Lee's window and sees this, and exclaims indignantly: "Those young women are NAKED!". In fact, even on a 14-inch TV screen you can see that they are wearing fleshtone body-stockings.

Revealing mistake: Sergeant Howie spots the creepy candle and knocks it to the floor. He falls to the floor himself and extinguishes the flaming thumb, but reaches it through a visible editing job; some frames are missing.

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Visible crew/equipment: In the director's cut, there's a scene where the bar-owner is tied up to the bed. A few seconds before it cuts away, a crew member's leg can be seen on the left hand side.

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Lord Summerisle: Come. It is time to keep your appointment with the Wicker Man.

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Question: If they needed a virgin for the ritual why does Britt try to seduce him? She could have spoiled everything.

Answer: He was a devout man of faith. They had to test his virtue, to tempt him to break the ten commandments or the seven deadly sins.

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