Weird Science

Trivia: When Gary is first telling Wyatt of his idea to make a woman, Wyatt asks,"What about your girl[friend] in Canada?" a reference to Anthony Michael Hall's character in "The Breakfast Club." In the Breakfast Club when Bender is asking Brian if he is a cherry, Brian says that he had slept with a girl from Canada that he met at Niagara Falls. (00:07:00)

Trivia: The town in which Gary and Wyatt live is called Shermer. Another John Hughes reference to The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. (00:11:35 - 00:16:50)

Trivia: When the bikers are leaving the house, a strange looking car is parked outside the house, seen through the hole. This is the same car that was driven by the Humongous in The Road Warrior, complete with the people tied to the posts mounted on it. The leader of the bikers in Weird Science was Vernon Wells, who played the bandit that Mel Gibson met on the road at the beginning of The Road Warrior, and was in pretty much the whole movie after that.

Trivia: When Lisa kisses Wyatt, she asks if he's sure he's only 15, to which he replies "I'll be 16 in June." At the time of filming, Ilan Mitchell-Smith (who plays Wyatt) was only 15 and does in fact have a June birthday.


Trivia: The film is partially based on the 1950's EC comic series, "Weird Science", Vol. 1 #5 "Made From the Future." Joel Silver acquired the filming rights for the comic magazine.


Trivia: Kelly LeBrock was not John Hughes' first choice for Lisa. Originally Kelly Emberg was cast as Lisa when filming began in Chicago. All the mall scenes that included Lisa were shot with Emberg during mall hours. Then two weeks later they returned to the mall to reshoot all the mall scenes, this time with LeBrock as Lisa.

Continuity mistake: During the storm of Lisa's creation, when Wyatt shouts to hang up the phone, Gary leans over Wyatt's arm and places the handset back onto the phone base. However, after Gary shouts, "What's going on?" the handset is still on the modem.

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Lisa: If you want to be a party animal, you have to learn to live in a jungle.

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