Weird Science

Weird Science (1985)

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Corrected entry: When Gary, Wyatt, and Lisa go to the Kandy Bar, Lisa gives them fake ID's so they can get in. Wyatt's license has an address of 1401 Lucile Ave in Shermer, ILL 60007. 60007 is the ZIP code for Elk Grove Village, Illinois which has no Lucile Ave.


Correction: As you said, they're fake IDs, so a fake address would be expected.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: The boys are having a party at Wyatt's house. Just before the motorcycles come crashing through the window one can see that the panes of glass are already shattered.

Correction: Considering that a nuclear missile came up through the basement, and the house did not collapse, the vibration must have been distributed throughout the house, which could have easily caused the windows to crack. But since Lisa created the "bikers" anyways, she could have just as easily cracked the windows to make them easy for the bikers to crash through for dramatic effect.




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During the storm of Lisa's creation, when Wyatt shouts to hang up the phone, Gary leans over Wyatt's arm and places the handset back onto the phone base. However, after Gary shouts, "What's going on?" the handset is still on the modem.



When Gary is first telling Wyatt of his idea to make a woman, Wyatt asks,"What about your girl[friend] in Canada?" a reference to Anthony Michael Hall's character in "The Breakfast Club." In the Breakfast Club when Bender is asking Brian if he is a cherry, Brian says that he had slept with a girl from Canada that he met at Niagara Falls.