Continuity mistake: At King Arthur and Guinevere's wedding there's a banner with Jesus' face on it behind the alter. When we see Morgana for the first time the right half of the banner is in the sunlight but in the next shot as she turns around the left side is in the sunlight. (01:00:50)


Continuity mistake: At the party after she dances, Guinevere hands Arthur a cookie that, she says, "will heal you". He holds it in his hand and you can see by the top of the cookie that it rotates in his hand between shots. (00:45:00)


Continuity mistake: As they speak for the first time, Morgana is in the sunlight when she holds the mandrake root in front of Merlin's face. In the next shot when he says, "And if too much is taken?" she's not. (01:01:40)


Continuity mistake: Merlin tries to catch a fish in the stream while King Arthur asks, "Who is this knight?". If you look up at Lancelot's tent his blue and white flag flies to the right then to the left and back again between shots. (00:46:35)


Continuity mistake: When we first see Lancelot in a close-up sitting on his horse next to his tent there are no jousting sticks anywhere to be seen. Later when King Arthur comes across the bridge we see the tent again and there are many jousting sticks around it and near the flag. (00:46:35 - 00:48:00)


Continuity mistake: After the fight Lancelot lies dying and King Arthur says to Merlin, "Bring him back, whenever the cost". Guinevere lifts Lancelot's left hand and kisses it but in the next shot both of her hands are on his wound. (01:20:20)


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Arthur: Which is the greatest quality of knighthood? Courage? Compassion? Loyalty? Humility? What do you say, Merlin?
Merlin: Hmm? Ah. Ah. Ah, the greatest. Uh, well, they blend, like the metals we mix to make a good sword.
Arthur: No poetry. Just a straight answer. Which is it?
Merlin: All right, then. Truth. That's it. Yes. It must be truth above all. When a man lies, he murders some god of the world. You should know that.

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Trivia: Producer/screenwriter/director John Boorman deliberately chose renowned stage actors Nicol Williamson and Helen Mirren to play the sorcerer Merlin and the sorceress Morgana, knowing very well that Williamson and Mirren hated each other in real life (because of a disastrous stage production of Macbeth they worked on, years earlier). Boorman anticipated real friction, tension and anger between the two actors, which was the effect he wanted onscreen. On the contrary, the experience of working together in "Excalibur" completely changed Nicol Williamson and Helen Mirren into the best of friends.

Charles Austin Miller

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Question: IMDB lists a character named Sunshine, played by an uncredited Prudence Wright Holmes. Who is she?

Answer: Sunshine is the name of one of Gueniviere's handmaidens. She is also mentioned in L'morte d'Arthur.

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