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Corrected entry: After the Predator snatches the skull and spine from Bill Paxton and starts to street level while being chased by Danny Glover, you can see that the Predator is not carrying nor has the skull attached to it in any kind of way while jumping from rooftop to rooftop. (01:02:50)

Rollin Garcia Jr

Correction: In a closeup as the Predator is climbing, you can see the skull and spine are tied in one piece to his back.

Movie Nut

If so, I stand corrected.

Movie Nut

Corrected entry: In the penthouse suite after Predator has killed and hung up the Jamaicans, watch as the police enter the suite. When Bill Paxton is checking out the skinned corpse near the door a crew member can be seen in the background shadows fastening their belt (visible just below the corpse's head). (00:26:15)

Correction: The figure fixing his belt isn't a crew member, it's Danny. When the characters enter the room Danny moves directly to the right, and it's his hat you see.

Correction: The spear weapon used in the Predator 2 Movie was not stolen, but was in fact misplaced. Missing shortly before filming was completed on site, it was later recovered by the props department, after having been misplaced during the packup/cleanup stage.

Corrected entry: In the original movie the Predator, takes off his mask for the first time before kicking Arnold's butt, he removes a hose type attachment from each side of the mask before he takes it off. In this film, Danny Glover's, character only takes off the hose from the right side of the Predator's mask.

Rollin Garcia Jr

Correction: All Predators have differently designed masks (they're custom-made, if you will). Just look at "Alien vs. Predator", the design differences between the three predators' masks and armor are significant.


Corrected entry: On the roof, after Det Harrigan climbs the ladder, he checks his gun. The sound of spent cartridges clattering can be heard. Subtitles reflect this too. The Desert Eagle is not a revolver, and only ejects cartridges when fired. If he was reloading, it would be with a magazine.

Correction: He is not reloading it; he hadn't fired it since the start of the movie. He probably checked it and a bullet or cartridge got stuck in the barrel. He gets rid of it; you hear it falling, and then he repositions the slide. You hear only one cartridge fall.


Corrected entry: In the slaughterhouse scene, Harrigan shoots at the Predator, and the Predator backs up against a wall. The shot cuts back to Harrigan, and then cuts back to the Predator backing up to the wall again. Its a duplicate copy of the previous shots.

Correction: It is not, although it looks very similar. The Predator moves differently, just watch his arms.

Corrected entry: Danny Glover's shotgun did at least partial damage to the Predator - it is left stunned for a good few moments after being hit a few times. You'd think then that Bill Paxton emptying two clips from his handgun into it on the subway would faze the Predator at least slightly, but it still manages to march forward relentlessly.

Correction: Jerry Lambert (Paxton) was firing at something that was camouflaged. The Predator could have easily been positioning his armor in a way that would block, or deflect the bullets. They bounced off his helmet and shoulder pads in the slaughterhouse shootout. Up close however, the Predator was not cloaked when Harrigan (Danny Glover) was firing, so Harrigan had a clear view of where to hit him.


Corrected entry: Near the end, when Danny Glover's netted, his hand is clearly outside the net in the wide shot, but in a closer shot his hand is under the net and he uses the disc to cut himself clear.

Correction: It's harder to see in the first shot, but pause shows one strand of the netting runs over his hand. He has enough space to pull his hand closer to his body and twist it to cut the net.


Corrected entry: At the beginning, Harrigan's car loses a door and is shot up by the Colombians. Near the end, when he is chasing the Predator, the car is undamaged. It couldn't have been fixed in only 2 days.

Correction: Both vehicles are police-issue unmarked cars. The LAPD would have a number of these on hand, so even though Harrigan destroyed one he would be able to get another almost identical one immediately. Note when Harrigan is arming himself at the end that the special holster on the inside roof of the trunk is gone - he just moved his weapons to the new car.


Corrected entry: In the scene in the slaughterhouse, after Danny Glover removes the predator's mask, the shots from the predator's point of view are still in thermal vision. It was seen in the first movie that it is the predator's mask (controlled by its computer on its left arm) that allows it to see like this and that without it it sees in a different red vision. This was stated on the audio commentary on the newly released special edition of 'Predator'. (01:17:45 - 01:18:55)

Correction: The Predator always sees in thermal vision - in the first film, the mask acted to make the temperature gradients more obvious - the jungle being so hot that the Predator has a certain difficulty seeing normally. In Los Angeles, even with the heatwave, it's not quite as hot, so the Predator has less problems.


You should also remember that Danny Glover took the Predator's mask off when they were in a freezer, so the Predator's vision would not be impaired.

Corrected entry: When Danny Glover is on the edge of the building with the Predator, if you look, the Predator's left arm is on Danny's right arm yet the Predator's severed arm appears on Danny's left arm. (01:20:40 - 01:22:30)

Correction: Danny was taking the Pred's arm off with his left arm.

Corrected entry: When Danny Glover is fighting the Predator in the meat house, the Predator takes his mask off losing his heat sense view, yet he can see heat after. In the first movie when the Predator loses his mask he gets an all-red view losing his heat view. (01:17:35)

Correction: Actually this happened in the first movie too. After it takes off its mask, it still has heat vision, just with a red background. Apparently the mask just helps them see better.

Corrected entry: When the Predator is killing off King Willie's men in the guy's apartment, he stabs one of them with his spear and the spear can be seen. Cut to a (soon to be dead) henchman, then back to the Predator and the spear is now cloaked like the rest of his body. (00:25:25)

Correction: If this point is to be taken, then why isn't the net launcher or fork launcher visible? It's because when the weapons arn't in use, they attain camoflauge properties when the Pred is cloaked, when in use they become visible.

Corrected entry: When the Predator confronts King Willie, he decloaks completely, as can be seen in the reflection in the water. In the next shot, the Predator is still completely cloaked.

Correction: The Predator's cloak was short circuiting due to the fact that he was standing in a puddle (water causes the device to malfunction). This would cause him to temporarily become visible as the device frizzes out then it re-activates once he steps out of the water, cloaking him again.

Corrected entry: This mistake is when Gary Busey explains to Danny Glover the tremendous power of the Predator's self-destruction sequence. Busey stated that the power of the explosion devastated a section of rainforest equal to 10 city blocks. In the first Predator, Arnold is running away form the Predator, he is no further than a few hundred feet.

Correction: Arnie managed to jump down into a small ditch/depression which shielded him from a lot of the blast. Watch closely, he leaps and falls out of view just before the blast. He still got pretty cooked though.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: In the scene where the DEA is setting a trap for the Predator, the camera cuts back to the control room's computer screen several times. In each shot, the computer shows the DEA agents lined up against a wall, then in a box pattern, then up against the wall, and so on.

Correction: One monitor shows a plan of the room (agents are in a box pattern) the other shows a side view (agents all in a line because they're all at ground level). The representation of the stairs on the monitor makes this clear.


Corrected entry: When Harrigan and Captain Pilgrim leave the head Captain's office after being told not to impede Agent Keys' investigation, Harrigan then spots Keys and goes and roughs him up, shouting and generally making a nuisance of himself. Pilgrim was only just behind him. Harrigan's actions have caused everyone else to be quiet, so it's not as if Pilgrim doesn't know that Harrigan isn't manhandling Keys, yet he does nothing to intervene, especially in light of the meeting the pair of them just left. (00:38:30)


Correction: This isn't a plot hole. The plot of the film isn't "broken" because of this. I'd he had intervened the plot wouldn't have been affected, probably just the outcome of that scene. It could maybe be classed as a character/other mistake.

Corrected entry: During the opening scene, the firefight in Los Angeles, one of the Colombians fires a grenade at two police officers with shields, and it hits the car behind them, blowing it up. Then there's a closer shot of the car coming back down, on its side, on fire. Look closely. I hope no one tried to drive that car anywhere, because there's no engine in it. (00:03:00)

Correction: It is very possible that the engine was simply ejected from the vehicle or simply disintegrated from the explosion.

Corrected entry: After the big fight scene at the beginning they find a body hanging high up on the ceiling. A big deal is made out of how not even Danny Glovers character could put him up there. The predator, in fact, couldn't have either. It never had time to do it. It could not have strung him up while being fired at by the criminals, not when Danny and the other guy were on the roof (because he was standing watching them the whole time), and it couldn't have done it after without being noticed by the cops. It's impossible, even for a strong alien hunter.

Correction: The predator did not string the body up and leave it there. The predator is up there too, holding the body by the leg, and as soon as all the people staring up at the body go away, the predator pulls the body up and carries it off.

Correction: The predator is not holding the body by the leg as when Danny first looks up, we see the Predator jump over the skylight.

Continuity mistake: As Harrigan is walking away from King Willie in the alley, Willie turns toward him to say, "Prepare yourself." His face is well-lit. In the next shot, Willie is facing away in the background and his head is entirely in shadow. He's turned and lit again for his next line. (00:47:00)


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Predator: Shit happens.

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Trivia: As of 2004, almost everything that is used by the Predator in this movie has been reported stolen.

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Question: Right after the Jamaicans kill Ramon Vega and the predator slaughters all of them, Jerry Lambert says, "she (Ramon's girlfriend) never made it". What could she have died of? She was seen walking with Leona Cantrell and didn't seem wounded, and the predator would not have hurt her because she was unarmed. If she were wounded, she would have been checked out by paramedics right away. (00:31:20)

Chosen answer: Jerry means she never made it to the hospital. Keyes' goon squad intercepted the ambulance and snatched her to interrogate her about the Predator.

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