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I was not a big fan of Predator 1 for many reasons and I was not a fan of Predator 2 for reasons, some similar and some different. The Predator is a cool antagonist, but the movies that this character is put into do not it any favours.

I will say I liked that this was different from the first movie and does not rely on it too much and Danny Glover was a far more interesting and nuanced character than any of the over-the-top macho dudes from the first movie.

That being said, the direction felt very tone deaf, switching from a cop movie to a post apocalyptic movie to a sci-fi/action movie to a horror movie. Most of the supporting characters feel like generic cops from other cop movies and shows. Also, Alan Silvestri came back to compose this movie and once again, his score completely takes away any tension a scene could have built because the music never feels as if it fits this kind of movie. Weirdly enough, the most tense moments from this movie and the previous movie have been those did not feature a background score.

Casual Person

Other mistake: In the slaughterhouse scene, after Harrigan has injured the Predator with his shotgun and Keyes reappears, the Predator throws its disc, and severs Keyes in half at the waist. We see his legs flop to the ground, and blood pour from above, but his upper half (torso, backpack and weaponry) mysteriously remain hovering out of sight. (01:21:50)

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Leona Cantrell: So, what happened to El Scorpio?
Lieutenant Mike Harrigan: Oh, he's out front having lunch.

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Trivia: Have a close look at the Predator's trophy collection on his spaceship. Taking pride of place is a skull from the creature in the Alien movies. (01:33:05)

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