After being beaten and humiliated at a 9th grade valentines day dance a vengeful geek returns years later and seeks revenge on the five girls that said cruel things to him when they were in jr.high. After one of the girls is found dead with her throat slashed the others are sent morbid valentines with the initials JM, they realize who the killer might be but they havnt seen him for years and dont know what he could look like now. He could be anybody.

Continuity mistake: When Dorothy is letting Campbell live in her home, he picks up his bag and puts it on his shoulder. When he leans in to kiss her, there is no strap on his shoulder, then it's back again in the next shot.

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Adam Carr: All I can think is when someone is that lonely or that angry they can learn to hide it. But inside, it never dies. It just stays there. Eats away at you. Until one day, you have to do something about it.

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Trivia: Denise Richards as a kid tells the boy that she'd rather be boiled alive than dance with him. She dies precisely that way later in the movie.

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