Wonder Boys

Continuity mistake: When Trip passes out at the Wordfest, and he wakes up with Sarah standing over him, watch her hands. Every time they switch shots, her hands switch back and forth between holding a cigarette and a box of cigarettes, to her simply having her hands at her sides.


Continuity mistake: When James washes a codeine pill down with liquor he spits it at Tripp's chest. In two successive shots you see first liquor spraying at Tripp, then a sole pill flying at him, but liquor neither in the air nor on his coat.



Continuity mistake: When James takes a second try to get the pill down the liquor bottle is fuller than when he tries first.



Continuity mistake: When Tripp and Crabtree arrive at the Gaskells' house there is no snow. A little while later he goes out to get some fresh air, and everything is covered with a thick layer of snow, although it is snowing only lightly.



Continuity mistake: When Tripp meets Crabtree and his transvestite friend at the airport you see a lady in a black leather coat walking right behind them. Then they meet and exchange pleasantries, and when they move on the same lady is walking by in the same direction.



Continuity mistake: After Tripp and James break into Emily's parents' house James pours himself a glass of whiskey. When he leans back the glass is fuller than before.



Continuity mistake: At the welcoming party Gaskell talks to Antonia. The dog comes and starts sniffing at her. When the camera angle changes the dog is sniffing at Gaskell.



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