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Corrected entry: In the beginning of the film, when Trip introduces Hannah in a voice-over, he says that she is always "compulsively clad in red cowboy boots. I had in fact never once seen her without them." If Hannah was simply just one of his students, this statement would be true, but since Hannah rents a room off him, there would be occasions when Hannah would not be wearing her boots at all. When Trip asks Hannah if he can borrow her car, for example. (00:04:00)

Correction: When he asked to use her car, she was wearing the red cowboy boots, and also, the morning after the drink excursion, when she had just woken up, still stretching in a sleep night shirt, she had the cowboy boots on there too.

Corrected entry: When Tripp, Crabtree, and Antonia arrive at the Gaskells' home Sara comes down the hallway with an almost empty wine glass. While they are talking she holds the glass in the right hand. Then her dog comes to attack Tripp, and when she grabs him at the collar the glass is suddenly in her left hand, and has changed to an almost full champagne glass. (00:08:20)


Correction: I have watched this scene dozens of time. In each instance, first when she starts to fall and prof. Tripp catches her, she is holding a martini glass, clear liquid, large olive in glass. When she asks Crabtree to take the dog and also hands him her drink it is the same martini as all other instances.

Continuity mistake: When Trip passes out at the Wordfest, and he wakes up with Sarah standing over him, watch her hands. Every time they switch shots, her hands switch back and forth between holding a cigarette and a box of cigarettes, to her simply having her hands at her sides. (00:28:35)

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Terry Crabtree: Let me get this straight. Jerry Nathan owes you money, so as collateral he gives you his car.
Grady Tripp: Only I'm beginning to think that the car wasn't exactly Jerry's to give.
Terry Crabtree: Ah, so whose car was it?
Grady Tripp: My guess? Vernon Hardapple.
Terry Crabtree: The hood jumper?
Grady Tripp: He said a few things that lead me to believe that the car was his.
Terry Crabtree: Such as?
Grady Tripp: "That's my car, motherfucker."

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