Wonder Boys

Wonder Boys (2000)


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Grady Tripp: James like it or not those people out there are your parents.
James Leer: They're not my parents.
Grady Tripp: What?
James Leer: They're my grandparents... my parents are dead.
Grady Tripp: James the man is obviously your father... you look just like him.
James Leer: There's a reason for that.

Sara Gaskell: So. I guess we just divorce our spouses, marry each other, and have this baby, right? Simple.

Grady Tripp: Shit, James. You shot Dr. Gaskell's dog.
James Leer: I had to! Didn't I?
Grady Tripp: Couldn't you have just pulled him off me?

Terry Crabtree: I just want you to know I heard everything the whole parents, grandparents, chinatown thing. I believe you. That's why we're here. Go get dressed.

Grady Tripp: It's been a long time since someone wrote a really good book in jail.

Oola: I know you. Double Dickel on the rocks. I never forget a drink.
Grady Tripp: And I never forget an Oola.

Vernon Hardapple: Why did you keep writing this book if you didn't even know what it was about?
Grady Tripp: I couldn't stop.

Wordfest party guest: How did you feel about the adaptation?
Wordfest party guest: I thought it was more literary than cinematic.

Terry Crabtree: Let me get this straight. Jerry Nathan owes you money, so as collateral he gives you his car.
Grady Tripp: Only I'm beginning to think that the car wasn't exactly Jerry's to give.
Terry Crabtree: Ah, so whose car was it?
Grady Tripp: My guess? Vernon Hardapple.
Terry Crabtree: The hood jumper?
Grady Tripp: He said a few things that lead me to believe that the car was his.
Terry Crabtree: Such as?
Grady Tripp: "That's my car, motherfucker."

Terry Crabtree: So is he any good?
Grady Tripp: No, not yet.
Terry Crabtree: Well, I'm going to read it, anyway.
Grady Tripp: Aw Crabs, C'mon will you? He's one of my students for Christsakes. Besides, I'm not even sure if he's.
Terry Crabtree: He is. I'm sure, take my word for it, I see myself in him.
Grady Tripp: Oh, I'm sure you do.

James Leer: You want a bite?
Grady Tripp: No thanks.
James Leer: That's why you're having them. Your spells.
Grady Tripp: Spells? Jesus, James, you make it sound like we're in a Tennessee Williams play. I don't get spells.

James Leer: No offence, Professor Tripp, but you look kinda crappy.

James Leer: It's just... for good luck. Some people carry rabbits' feet.
Grady Tripp: ...You carry firearms.

Grady Tripp: Whenever I wondered what Sara saw in me, and I wondered more than once, I always came back to the fact that she loved to read. She read everything every spare moment. She was a junkie for the printed word. And lucky for me, I manufactured her drug of choice.

James Leer: Now, that is a big trunk. It holds a tuba, a suitcase, a dead dog, and a garment bag almost perfectly.
Grady Tripp: That's just what they used to say in the ads.

Continuity mistake: When Trip passes out at Wordfest, and he wakes up with Sarah standing over him, watch her hands. Every time they switch shots, her hands switch back and forth between holding a cigarette and a box of cigarettes, to her simply having her hands at her sides. (00:28:35)

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