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Corrected entry: Toby's cot has a pillow in it, even though you aren't suppose to put pillows in babies' cots because it can be dangerous.

Correction: We also used to put babies on their stomachs before we knew it was dangerous. And lots of people still put babies on their stomachs. Just because it is dangerous doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: When Sarah runs into the labyrinth, she goes right, she then goes back through that wall, but somehow it leads to the rest of the labyrinth.

Correction: Please clarify. Sarah runs several yards down a straight path thinking there are no turns or openings in the walls. Then the worm tells her about the opening that looks like a solid wall. She walks through it to another path. The worm even tells her which way to turn so that she goes into the Labyrinth (to keep her from going "straight to that castle").

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sarah confronts the guards to the two doors, the one guard who presents the rules either has to always tell the truth (for the rules to be true) or both of the guards are liars (which negates the rules entirely), in that case Sarah never really stood a chance even with her logical solution.

Correction: This is not a mistake, but a good observation nonetheless. It proves that the guard she is talking to is the one who always tells the truth, and so she COULD have solved the puzzle a lot easier. Unfortunately, she does not catch this, and has to try the old-fashioned way.


Corrected entry: Right after Sarah steals Hoggle's jewels, Hoggle says 'But them's my rightful property. It's not fair.' and Sarah turns around and says 'no it isn't,' you can see the gates to the goblin city behind them.

Correction: You're simply stating something everyone watching the movie sees. How could this possibly be trivia?

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: Hoggle tells Sarah that 'if you put so much as a foot in the Bog of stench, you'll smell bad for the rest of your life' but when Diddymus is riding Ambrotius over the rocks after the bridge is broken, the dog's bare paws touch the rocks which have bog-slime on them, since they were called up by Ludo from the bog, yet he suffers no after-effects.

Correction: Hoggle is probably exaggerating about what happens if you touch it because he's afraid of it.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When Sarah arrives at the twin riddle doors (one of which later dumps her into the oubliette) and she looks back, the opening she has come through has closed behind her. As you can see by the top-mounted decorations, the wall was simply pushed into place.

Correction: There are no top mounted decorations on the wall. I don't see how the wall looks fake, or like it has been pushed in place because it looks perfectly fine to me.

Hamster Premium member

Corrected entry: When the wiseman is talking, you see that his hands are free, but as soon as he falls asleep, the contribution box appears in his hand.

Correction: The bird-hat is the one holding the contribution box, since he says, "please leave a contribution in the little box" and it moves forward, while the wiseman is asleep.

Corrected entry: After Sara has solved the stair 'maze', Jareth steps out from hiding and starts giving her the 'Love me, Fear me' speech. He holds out his hand and a bubble/crystal ball pops into it. He says 'Look what I'm offering you. Your dreams.' If you look at his reflection in the bubble, it doesn't move while he's speaking. Then a second later, the reflection talks but isn't mouthing the same line Jareth did.

Correction: In the bubble, yes, Jareth's face is not mouthing the words along with his actual character, however, the crystals is showing Sarah her dreams. And therefore, Jareth is in her dreams and the face in the crystal is not his reflection but her dreams of him. Which means that his face in the crystal and in real life do not have to coincide.

Corrected entry: After Sarah and Hogle narrowly escape the Cleaner vehicle, they climb up a ladder and up in the hedgerow maze. Watch the bottom of the vase they are coming out of: It is standing on a pedestal, way above and with no connection to the ground.

Correction: That's the point of the shot - nothing is what it seems in the Labyrinth. The pedestal doesn't need to be connected to the ground - it's magic.

Corrected entry: When Sarah's father knocks on her door, she gets upset and throws her lipstick, but while in the labyrinth, she takes it out of her pocket and draws on the ground.

Correction: Even if Sarah throws the lipstick on the vanity table, Sarah is like any other girl, she has more than one lipstick, even of the same brand.

Corrected entry: In the bog of eternal stench Luto calls on the rocks and the first one that shows up floats in the water.

Correction: Some rocks can float. Pumice for example is full of air holes. Also there is no way of knowing that the 'water' is not denser than the rock.

Corrected entry: When she draws arrows on the ground with the lipstick, one of the tiles is flipped upside-down and there is lipstick on the bottom, where she never put it.

Correction: The tiles that are flipped upside down are blank afterwards if you look very closely, the last tile is simply rotated instead of flipped.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sarah first enters the labyrinth, there is a shot of her slamming against a wall in frustration. However, in the next shot, it turns out that there is an opening to the larger part of the maze just where she slammed.

Correction: It is stated several times that not only is the Labyrinth unfair, but that it keeps changing. (Case in point-the Magic Dance scenes and the Guardsmen scene) It is entirely possible that the opening in the wall appeared after Sarah slammed against it.

Corrected entry: When Hoggle and Sarah run into the "beggar man," he turns into Jareth and throws his cloak to the ground. The scene cuts to Hoggle and Sarah, then back to Jareth, who throws his cloak down again.

Correction: There are three parts to the costume Jareth is wearing-the head/mask, torso/legs, and cloak. He throws down the head/mask with his right hand and torso/legs, which is in his left hand. Cut to Sarah and Hoggle, and back to Jareth, now he throws down the cloak, with his right hand.

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