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Corrected entry: While Adam Sandler is taking the proficiency test in the gym, he is told that it is a 300 question multiple choice test and is handed a Scantron sheet. The Scantron sheet he is given though only has 100 sets of bubbles, 50 on each side.

Correction: There are three sheets stapled together.

There's nothing to suggest there were 3 scantrons stapled together. The way Bobby starts filling it out, you only see one. And afterwards Vicki is holding just one scantron that had Bobby's score.


Continuity mistake: The final game is reported by the ESPN announcer as being the "Inaugural Bourbon Bowl", meaning it's the first one. Later, on Bobby Boucher's jersey, there is a patch that says "Bourbon Bowl 50th Anniversary 1948-1998".


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Walter: Let's kick some names and take some ass.

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Trivia: The voice and speech mannerisms that Adam Sandler uses in this film are the same he used for his Excited Southerner character from his 1996 album "What the Hell Happened to Me?"

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Question: According to IMCDB, Bobby rides a John Deere 200-series lawn tractor. Assuming he didn't do anything to spruce it up, how many miles would he realistically be able to ride it before having to fill it up? How fast could he ride it? Does it take regular gasoline or would it need a special fuel mix? I couldn't find any specs on its mpg, although JD says it has a 3.5 gallon tank and a top speed of 5.5 mph.


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