Don't Say A Word
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Continuity mistake: When Brittany Murphy writes down the number on the glass she writes it backwards because that's how she sees it in her mind. Watch closely, though, and you'll see a perfectly normal 2 which isn't written as a mirror image of 5. Later, when Michael Douglas realizes this catch, he looks at the piece of glass again, this time from the other side, and the 2 has turned into a 5, which apparently was written in a different style. (01:40:12)

Continuity mistake: When Elizabeth is writing down the number of the grave at the film's climax, a tear runs down her right cheek. A few shots later, a second tear falls down the same cheek, but the first tear is missing.

Continuity mistake: When Jennifer Esposito is talking to the morgue doctor, when looking at some dead bodies, he asks for a look at the police file, which Esposito had been looking at herself, and so was open. The next shot, which actually shows Esposito passing the file to the doctor, shows that the file is now closed.

Don't Say A Word mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Michael Douglas' wife stabs the kidnapper in the chest during their fight in the apartment, she stabs him with the knitting needle in his right lung. The next shot shows them lying on the floor with the needle stabbed directly into his heart on the left side of his chest.

Continuity mistake: During the final fight scene, Michael Douglas knocks the gun out of Patrick's hand. Michael then picks it up and we hear a cocking sound. The next shot shows Michael pressing the gun up against Patrick's head. The gun is now not cocked.

Continuity mistake: When Michael Douglas leaves his house after the kidnapping, the ski rack on his Land Rover is over the passenger side. When he later leaves the hospital with the girl, the ski rack has moved to the driver's side.

Continuity mistake: When Dr. Conrad meets Elizabeth Burrows for the first time in the mental hospital, she is sitting catatonically on the bed. She is sitting bolt-upright with a very straight back. As the doctor walks by her, she is shot from the front and now she is slumped forward with her shoulders down. In the next shot, she is sitting with her back straight again.

Continuity mistake: When Michael Douglas passes his wife the note regarding the use of the cell phone, his writing is completely different to his regular style later seen when reading Elizabeth's file.

Don't Say A Word mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When the black guy attacks Famke, she falls on a rug. While he tries to strangle her, her head repeatedly moves from being on the rug and off it, between shots. (01:19:15)


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