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Corrected entry: Since the bad guys know that the girl's father was to be buried as a John Doe, and since they read in the paper that she was found wandering on Hart's Island a couple of days after his death, they had to know that the doll was somewhere on the island - isn't that why they were looking for the 6-digit number? So why didn't they use their technical expertise to find out which graves were dug during that timeframe? Seems easier than the killing, kidnapping, camera & mikes, etc.

Correction: You can see them getting arrested right after the murder of the girl's father. I think it's quite hard to find the exact grave which was dug 10 years ago despite of the "technical expertise" they might be using. Furthermore - 6-digit number, hey, we are talking up to 999,999 graves here...

Correction: Myself I have to wonder why they were so certain the doll/ruby was in the grave (she could just as easily have laid it on top, or dropped it, or thrown it away).


Corrected entry: The whole movie is based on the fact that they need the number the girl has,yet they have no idea what the number is from. How would they even know she had this number? They don't know where she is, they don't know what the number is, they just somehow know that there is a number.

Correction: The men know that the jewels are with the body. They know that Elisabeth traveled with the body to the island (newspaper clipping). They know that the number is the body/grave identifier. They just don't know what that number is.


Corrected entry: In the Scene where Det. Cassidy is confronting Dr. Sachs in his office about the death of his girlfriend, he says "this wasn't part of the plan". She continues to question him and slams down the mug shots of the gang of criminals. Dr. Sachs points at Patrick's picture and says "He said I had until 5:00". How does Dr. Sachs know that Patrick is the ringleader of the group? He has only spoken to him on the phone and never saw him.

Correction: We don't know that for sure. Just because he contacted Dr. Conrad over the phone it doesn't mean he didn't meet Dr. Sachs in person.

Corrected entry: When the kidnappers are contacting Conrad for the first time, he realises they can see him and goes to shut the curtains, while doing so the hand with the phone reaches over, away from his ear, to pull the drapes yet he hears the bad guy say "Don't close the curtains."

Correction: How is this a mistake?? My phone for instance has an ear-piece through which you can hear a voice even if it's further away from your ear. You can't hear it , but if it's quiet, you can definitely hear and understand what's being said.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Dr. Conrad is trying to get to the hospital and breaks through the parade, he leaves the bad guy on the motorcycle behind him. Next, he arrives at the hospital and seconds later the bad guy is there. If the guy on the motorcycle didn't get to cut through the parade as Dr. Conrad did, how come he arrived that fast? Technically, he would have had to go all the way around the parade therefore, arriving much later than Dr. Conrad.

Correction: He is much more maneuverable on a bike then Conrad in a car. After he lost him, he could have easily used a shortcut to get to the hospital, since he knew Conrad was going there himself.

Corrected entry: At the dock before setting off for the island, which lies a short distance away, it's light outside. When they arrive at the island, it's dark.

Correction: It's dusk. The sun is very low on the horizon as seen in the shot where the cam angle is in front of the boat. It's possible for it to go from semi-light to dark in the space of 10-15 mins.


Corrected entry: Take a look at the girl in the morgue. The first shot, from below her right side shows her right breast, the next shot, above her, shows no breasts, and the same shot afterwards shows a flat chest. Are these magical disappearing boobs? (00:35:28)

Correction: The girl is actually on her stomach, you can tell this by the way the palms of her hands are turned up (from the wide shots) and the amount of hair where a face should be. You are probably noticing scratch marks or bruises.

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Continuity mistake: When Brittany Murphy writes down the number on the glass she writes it backwards because that's how she sees it in her mind. Watch closely, though, and you'll see a perfectly normal 2 which isn't written as a mirror image of 5. Later, when Michael Douglas realizes this catch, he looks at the piece of glass again, this time from the other side, and the 2 has turned into a 5, which apparently was written in a different style. (01:40:12)

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Nathan Conrad: Does she have a new hiding place that I don't know about?
Aggie Conrad: Probably... she's been running around the house like a wild cat all week.

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