Sara (Kate Beckinsale) and Jonathon (John Cusack) meet in New York City during the Christmas season and both want to buy the same pair of gloves. Jonathon gallantly allows Sara to buy them and she takes him out for ice cream in thanks. They spend the evening together ice skating and talking and have such a connection that Jonathon pleads with Sara to at least exchange names and numbers so they can keep in touch. Sara relents but the paper with her name is blowqn out of her hand, and she, superstitious by nature, decides it was a sign they were moving too fast. Instead she has Jonathon write his name and number on a five dollar bill and uses it to buy gum. She promises to write her own name and number in the book "Love in the time of Cholera" and sell it to a used bookstore. When they find these items again, they will know they are meant to meet up.
A year later, Jonathon is getting married to another girl, Hallie, and Sara is engaged to a musician, but neither has forgotten the other and with the encouragement of their friends, and their weddings looming as deadlines, they end up in New York searching for each other once more, hoping for a sign that they are really meant to be.

Continuity mistake: The phone number Sara writes on Jonathan's back is different than the one she writes in the book. (00:11:50 - 01:04:50)

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Jonathan: You are a strange and interesting woman.

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Question: At the end of the movie when Jonathan is lying in the middle of the rink, you can see the skaters skating around him. However, everyone is wearing roller blades, not ice skates. I was under the impression that this was an ice skating rink, not a roller skating rink. Am I wrong about that, or is this another blooper?

Answer: It is not a movie mistake. The scenes were filmed at the Trump Skating Rink (formerly called the Wollman Rink) in New York City's Central Park. The arena has traditionally been used for multiple venues throughout the year including ice skating, roller skating, concerts, carnivals, etc.

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