Stone Cold
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John Stone: Imagine the future, Chains, 'cause you're not in it.

Chains: The devil was a rebel angel. If you want to fuck with the living, you'll have to learn to fuck with the dead.

Chains: I need a new bitch.

Chains: God forgives. The Brotherhood doesn't.

Chains: This is either gonna be the biggest pork chop I ever ate, or my bulldozer.

Chains: You know, it's in moments like this that I think of my father's last words. Which were: "Don't son, that gun is loaded!"

Chains: The whip is cracked.

Ice: You gonna use that stick, or you wanna dance with me?

Continuity mistake: When William Forsythe finds out that Brian Bosworth is a cop,they both jump on their bikes trying to get back to the gang compound , as they race though the streets the camera keep changing back and forth between both of them ,you can see the bad guy is not wearing a bandanna, but when the camera changes the bandanna appears and disappears on his forehead about 3 or 4 times .

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Question: Did Chains kill Nancy because he knew that Stone confided in her that he was a cop, and she agreed to testify against the brotherhood? If so, how did he know that? Also, how did he know that Stone's real name was Joe Huff? Did Nancy tell him, or did the "sister" that was working with the police tell him? Also, how did the Bolivian know that Stone had infiltrated a biker gang so that he could rat on him, and how did he know which biker gang he infiltrated?


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