Beverly Hills Cop
Beverly Hills Cop mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Check out the police car(s) when Axel is in the back of the trailer truck. At first, the police arrive in a then-new 1984 Plymouth Gran Fury, then when the truck flees, the police car reverses back out of the alley, emerging in the next shot as a late 1970's Dodge St.Regis. The next shot has the police car now a 1977 Plymouth Fury, which seconds later changes back again to the St.Regis.


Continuity mistake: The police car that is destroyed early in the chase when hit from behind by the truck (unit number 82340 on C-pillar, seen from behind before being hit), returns undamaged near the end of the chase to slide sideways and crash again.

00:05:20 - 00:07:15

Beverly Hills Cop mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When a police car pulls in front of the truck from a side-street, a shot from inside the truck's cab just before the two collide shows the police car's license plate reads '742JOU', its unit number (on the C-pillar) is '82340', and its trunk lock cylinder is missing. As the car spins out with its rear toward a camera, the plate now reads '103DLS', the unit number becomes '82199' and the lock cylinder is back.


Beverly Hills Cop mistake picture

Continuity mistake: During the first chase scene, the semi passes by an empty taxi cab and when the camera angle changes, the semi crashes into the same taxi cab.



Continuity mistake: Before the white Beetle is hit by the truck, a shot shows that the truck and most of the police cars have already safely passed the Beetle and the green Buick that pushes the Beetle forward in the next shot.



Continuity mistake: When the tractor-trailer turns off the pavement to avoid the roadblock, just before the second trailer separates, a quick shot (watching the truck from the front as it enters the shot from the camera's right) shows that there is no second trailer at all.



Continuity mistake: When the truck driver jumps out after crashing, it is not the actor shown in the prior close-ups. The stunt guy has much more, fuller, and neater hair.



Continuity mistake: When Axel and Mikey are in the pool hall, the guy playing pool calls out a 2 rail bank. Mikey says "fifty bucks you don't make that shot". The guy says "bullshit". They they get a close up camera shot of the shot. The cue ball and the angle of the shot change between the bet and the actual bank shot taken. At first the cue ball was down near the corner. When the shot is taken the cue ball is struck from around the side pocket.



Continuity mistake: When Mikey loses a bet at the pool table, his arms are hanging down by his sides as the 8-ball sinks. In the next frame he's got his hands full of cash instead.



Continuity mistake: When Jenny leaves Axel at the bonded warehouse, he puts his right hand on the car's fender. In the next shot his hand is resting on the windshield corner instead.



Continuity mistake: When Axel jumps into the stakeout car, he leans on the seat backs and starts chatting with Taggart and Rosewood. At one point Axel asks why they're always arguing together. The shot cuts to Taggart but now Axel isn't anywhere near the seat backs.



Continuity mistake: When Taggart and Rosewood are replaced with another pair of detectives, Taggart is either looking at Bogomil or the two detectives, depending on the angle.



Continuity mistake: When Axel approaches Victor and Zack at the Harrow Club, Victor is holding a menu. When the shot cuts, the menu is lying flat on the table.



Continuity mistake: When Axel visits Victor at the club he throws Victor's henchman across the buffet table. When the henchman gets up he has a strawberry smashed into his hair at the top middle-right portion of his forehead. Later on the strawberry is gone but there are green leaves that now are on the middle-left side of his forehead. This is evident as the camera regains focus although the colors can be seen when the the view of him is blurry.



Continuity mistake: The hands on Axel's wristwatch change position frequently when he's being questioned by Bogomil about his fixation with Victor.

01:07:00 - 01:08:00


Continuity mistake: At the end shoot out in the house, Foley and Taggart bump into each other and a henchman shoots the grass near them with a submachine gun, ripping up the grass. Billy shoots the assailant and they come out from behind the wall - the grass that was shot up is in pristine condition, with no bullet holes or damage whatsoever.


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Continuity mistake: During the machine gun fire at Victor's house Rosewood holds up his badge and says "Police, you are all under arrest". The bad guys then shoot at Rosewood and Taggart. They shoot up a sculpture/planter above Taggart. A piece falls onto Taggart with part of it leaning against the planter and the top part leaning against Taggart's shoulder. The next shot the piece is shown standing on the ground leaning up against Taggart's head. It did not have time to relocate to the position it ended up in.



Continuity mistake: Right before Axel shoots Zack at the mansion, there is a large vase behind Axel. When he shoots Zack however, the vase disappears. There are bullet holes in the wall where the vase was, implying Zack fired his gun at Axel. But Zack never fires his gun, so the vase simply vanishes from the scene.



Continuity mistake: When Axel is asking Lt. Bogomil to straighten things out with Inspector Todd during the conversation we get numerous shots from behind Foley's head. When he says "I guess I'm just out of a job. It's cool though" there is nothing in his afro. The camera then goes to Lt. Bogomil. After Foley tells him he is going to "start his own investigation company. How does that sound?" we get another shot of the back of his head. There is now a white piece of fuzz on the back left side of Axel's afro.



Continuity mistake: When Axel is checking out of the hotel the position of his shirt collar and his sling varies from shot to shot. There is no visible movement of his arm that would make this change. It just changes.



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In the scene where Axel throws the art dealer's henchman onto the buffet table, if you watch carefully (or use slow-mo) you can see the stunt double pulling off that manoeuvre. There is also a stunt double being thrown over the table.



Was the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time for nearly twenty years until "The Matrix Reloaded" upseated it on June 3, 2003. In the history of R-rated films, it held the longest record for high grosser (19 years).