Cutthroat Island

Other mistake: When Morgan is in front of a cavern speaking to a man, there is nobody in it. The shot later you see somebody, then nobody again.

Dr Wilson

Other mistake: Isn't it weird how in the final scene with the 2 pirate ships, both of these ships are continuously blasting their cannons at each other, yet the sides of the ship show little to no damage throughout the entire battle? You would think that the parts of the ship that are in the direct line of fire would get hit.

Other mistake: In the final battle between the 2 pirate ships, there is a shot below deck showing a cannon and a pirate being blasted backwards. A few minutes later this exact same shot is shown once again.

Other mistake: Shortly after Morgan has successfully won William at the slave auction and they are trying to leave, armed soldiers begin closing in on them. As she attacks a couple in a doorway, we get a close-up of a nearby horse, who is wearing a 1902 Universal Pattern cavalry bit in his mouth. Not made until at least a couple of hundred years after the film is set.

Other mistake: Watch the ending fight scene where Morgan blows Dawg out of the ship with a cannon. Surely the cannonball would have gone THROUGH him.

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