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Corrected entry: In the scene immediately after Gena Davis receives a wound, she drinks some whiskey, or rum, and then pours some of the drink on her wound as an antiseptic. The understanding of germs and infection didn't occur until Pasteur's discoveries in the mid 1800's, well after the time period of this film.

Correction: True however they did understand keeping a wound clean. It was well known that the wadding from a pistol shot many times carried with the ball into the wound especially if done at close range. Festering would occur and that is why they later wished to cauterize it.

Plot hole: When Morgan and her Slave/New Boyfriend are escaping from the burning ship, which is going to explode any second, they emerge onto the deck, run up a flight of stairs, cross the deck to the stern rail, look about themselves, then dive overboard. They know the ship is about to explode and are desperate to get overboard. The railings are about a metre away from the hatch they emerge from in the first place - why not just jump overboard there?

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William: It is hard to imagine which part of your life would require me to speak Latin.

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Trivia: "Cutthroat Island" was the biggest box office disaster of 1995. It cost a (reputed) $95 million to make, but was panned by the critics, and took only $11 million at the box office. The resulting $84 million 'hole' in the accounts, drove the films producers, Carolco, out of business.

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