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Corrected entry: Having your eyes removed would not kill you, so Darry should still have been alive when he is seen at the end of the movie.

Correction: Look again. The entire back half of his head is missing, including his eyes. Also, who's to say what else the creature did or did not do to him between the time he captures Darry and we see him back at the creature's hideout?


Corrected entry: It's ridiculous that a fire door won't open because the power's off. This must be against every fire regulation in the book.

Correction: The reason the door does not open is because that the police station is in lockdown. Otherwise people would just open the emergency doors and escape.

Corrected entry: When Darry is dropped down the pipe he slides down on his stomach, but in the next shot we see him fall and land on his back. How did he manage to turn around completely?


Correction: Darry slides down on his stomach. But soon, he gets his foot caught in vines, which causes him to flip over on his back.

Corrected entry: When the car skids to a halt after the police officer has been killed, there is no billboard around. When the car actually stops, there is one lit up clear as day. (00:43:40)

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Correction: There is a billboard to the left of the screen when the two cars come to a stop.

Corrected entry: After the cops have been informed that the demon is coming up the stairs, you can see that most of the cops have automatic weapons and not the pistols that cops from a small town would normally have. They might have had a few but not the ten to twelve they had in the movie.

Correction: Nonsense. Police in small towns around the country have semi-automatic pistols, semi-automatic shotguns, automatic and semi-automatic pistol-caliber carbines, and semi-automatic and automatic rifles. I work for a 31-person department and we have had all those things and I am personally aware of many other departments, some much smaller than 31 sworn officers, who have similiar armaments.


Corrected entry: When Darryl falls down the pit, he realizes his hand is bleeding so he tears off his shirt sleeve and uses it as a makeshift bandage. That was his left hand. Later, in the car with Trish, he has a proper one-on his RIGHT hand.

Correction: He never has a bandage on his right hand. It's always on his left hand.


Corrected entry: During the entire time that Darry is driving, he has no problems with shifting, but when his sister tries driving the car, she has problems with the gears, every time! Its her car, she shouldn't be having so many problems with it.

Correction: When he's driving the car, there are no major obvious problems. Every time she tries to drive it, however, she's in a panic, and probably does major damage to the transmission in her haste. She probably wouldn't have had trouble shifting if she wasn't being chased by a giant, flesh-eating winged monster.

Corrected entry: This creature only gets to eat every 23 years for 23 days (as revealed in Jeep Creep 2). Why would it waste time fixing up that old truck to go so fast when it can fly?


Correction: It uses the truck to scare people so it can smell their fear and decide if there's something in them it likes without drawing too much attention to itself. By JC2 it is into the final day so it is desperate to stock up on organs, and not too concerned with secrecy any more.


Corrected entry: What I don't get is how if this monster only comes out every twenty three years he has time to march himself into the license plate office and register a license plate that says "BEATINGU"!

Correction: You never see a registration sticker on the license plate. He either made the plate himself, (he is in a workshop at the end of the movie) or he did indeed get the license plate legally. Giselle, the psychic, said he dresses like a man, the trenchcoat, hat and clothes he wears.

Corrected entry: When Darry and Trisha stop to refuel at station they are empty, yet when they drive off they haven't refuelled. Are they running on air?

Correction: The last scene at the gas station shows them looking at the fingerprints on the door. It doesn't show them getting in the car and driving away. They could have refueled before driving back to the church.

Correction: He could've been born or created with the wings. He could regenerate them by eating lots of birds.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Darry has fallen into the pipe, how come to bodies of the people that were killed so long ago never decayed over the years?

Correction: Darry mentions later that the Creeper preserves them like wax sculptures sealing their bodies with some sort of preservative. It's reasonable to assume then that the decaying process is greatly postponed or even eliminated.

Corrected entry: When Darry gets stuck in the cellar, he says there is no way out, so how did he get out a few minutes later? They didn't say he found a way out!

Correction: He clearly says to his sister that it must be part of the basement of the church, and there will thus be a way out. Also: when he finds the bodies of the dead couple, he is standing right beside stairs.

Corrected entry: At the end we see that the demon has taken Darry's eyes out to have for himself. Why would he need them if he had a pair of eyes right from the start?

Correction: From Jiselle's comment about the monster eating too many hearts we can assume that he eats more organs than he needs to refresh the ones he has already. Maybe his eyes were getting worn out.

Corrected entry: When Dari is peering down the pipe at the beginning of the film, he cannot see the floor at the bottom. But when he falls down to the floor at the bottom his sister looks down and she can see him, because when he turns his head to look at something she asks him what he is looking at.

Correction: His torch lights up the place enough for her to see what he's doing.

Corrected entry: This huge demon monster flies around and is seen by at least 30 people, and the day after this demon kills all these people. Everyone just goes on with their daily life. Where the hell is the FBI and the National Guard, this thing just killed 10 people and there's no search the next day for this demon that killed about 5 police officers?

Correction: It takes time to mobilize the FBI and the National Guard, or anyone on that level. Perhaps they were on their way by the time the end of the film takes place. In fact, if you watch the third film, which starts right after the Creeper takes Derry in the first film there were lots of law enforcement officials inspecting the truck and searching for the Creeper, so it's not like they weren't informed.


As for going about their business, well, life goes on. Things still need to be dealt with so perhaps they're dealing with things that need to be dealt with while still thinking about the events that occurred.


Corrected entry: Since when do hell-born freaks have an intuitive knowledge of mechanics? And where did he get the turbo engines and various add-ons needed to reach such high speeds? It's a small rural area and it would look pretty odd if he just strolled into an auto shop and piled the stuff into a trolley.

Correction: Very little is known about the creature and its origins, but it is implied to be hundreds of years old, and is shown in the sequels to be surprisingly resourceful and intelligent. It is not unbelievable that it could have acquired the necessary knowledge and resources over its long life.

Corrected entry: The car they are driving changes from an automatic to a manual. She always has a hard time getting it into gear, and when she finally does get it going, you can tell it's an auto.

Correction: It's always a manual. The transmission is slipping badly throughout the movie. Trish even states "I don't know how much longer the transmission is going to last."


Corrected entry: When Dari is looking down the pipe you can see a red circle on the side of the pipe, presumably from an LED on the camera at the bottom of the pipe.

Correction: It's the reflection of the light he is using.

Corrected entry: When Trish is trying to persuade the Creeper not to take Darry she is crying, tears streaming down her face - towards the end when it cuts back to her, she has a perfectly dry face.

Correction: She could have wiped her face when the camera wasn't on her. This doesn't take much time.


Continuity mistake: About 10 minutes into the movie, when the truck is chasing the 2 college students in the car and starts ramming them, the bumper and the trunk is smashed in. The shot changes and shows the car's rear end and it is in perfect condition. This repeats at least 3 times.

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Trivia: Just something to spot - when the Creeper picks up the male police officer's head to eat the tongue, the slogan on the large billboard behind him reads "tastes so darn good!"

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Question: Why does the woman with the dreams attach so much importance to the creature's number plate?

Answer: Because the number plate is BEATNGU which translates to Be Eating You, foreshadowing what will happen to Darry.

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