The Best Man

The Best Man (1999)

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Corrected entry: During the wedding rehearsal scene, Jordan asks to speak with Harper alone. When she kisses him, the same movements and kiss are repeated back to back.

Correction: The repeated movements/kiss seem to be on purpose, for effect.

Corrected entry: In the bachelor party scene at the hotel, Harper takes off his jacket and throws it on the floor unknowingly revealing to Lance a copy of Unfinished Business slightly hanging out of the inside pocket.Lance immediately becomes suspicious and grabs the copy to begin reading it in the bathroom. What would cause Lance to suspect anything was wrong with Harper having a copy of his own book without going to check his suitcase to see if his own copy was missing? It wasn't as if the autographed side of the book was showing, or any characteristic markings were on the book to show that it HAD TO BE Lance's copy of the book.

Correction: At the bachelor Party Harper finds his book under Magazines on the table and picks it up. Lance then enters, takes the book from Harper, and tells him to get his own book.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the groomsmen are trying on tuxedos, Harper begins criticizing Quentin on the fact that Quentin doesn't want to be groomed for his father's hotel business because its "too much like a real job". Quentin shoots back at Harper saying that he criticizes everyone else but himself and ends his tizzy by saying "you're f***ing Jordan tonight, remember?" Harper did not previously mention that he wanted to have sex with Jordan that night, and furthermore didn't agree to have sex with Jordan until the next scene at the wedding rehearsal-when Jordan told Harper she wanted to make love to him that night.

Correction: The night before the Tux fitting, the four guys are in a room together. Quentin is sitting at the bar where he used the telephone, Mirch is at the table asleep, and Harper and Lance are sitting on the sofa, where they are speaking of Harper and Jordan getting together sexually that weekend.



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When all four of the guys are sitting around a table playing cards and they're talking about marriage, one of the guys gets really mad and pushes the table and tries to strangle the guy at the other end of the table. All of the cards and even a bagel that were sitting on the table go flying off. But then when he calms down and sits back down, the table is perfectly in place, and the cards and bagel reappear as if they never flew off.