Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze

Other mistake: During the fight scene in the TGRI building, when Michelangelo has the ooze and gets jumped for it and loses it, watch the bottom of the screen. Donatello is lying down and trying to get up. But in the next shot he's up and kicks out the ooze from the foot soldier. (00:26:35)


Other mistake: It doesn't seem likely the turtles would stick around the club after their fight with Super Shredder to get their picture taken.

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Suggested correction: This is not a movie mistake. Nothing about them sticking around longer than they should constitutes a mistake.


Other mistake: The Italian version of the movie keeps the "All the good ones end in -O!" joke that singles Raphael out, making him angry and causing his punishment...but the Italian names of the Turtles ALL end in O, "Raffaello" included. (00:31:05)

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Other mistake: During their computer hijinks, Leo asks Don "Can you bring up the file?", which the Italian dub mistranslates in a nonsensical "Can you block the file." (00:25:30)

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Other mistake: In the TGRI building, the whole computer scene is the kind of nonsense you can expect from something really 90s and childish. Forgetting the fact that Donatello's big fingers are obviously too big to push the keys, the database screen scrolls independently from his movement, and when he tries to "decode" the database, whatever it means, he just types back the serial number. It's all just waving hands around to make it look like you're doing something. (00:25:05)

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Continuity mistake: When April arrives at her apartment, she places down a folder like object, and then puts some paper and her keys on them. Next she places her purse on top of the left side of the objects. Moments later, after she goes upstairs, the Turtles come in through the window next to the stuff she sat down. Now the purse is on top of the right side of the items, and the strap is in a different position. (00:08:40 - 00:09:25)

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Splinter: You have youth, and I have experience. But only those who fight now have both.

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Trivia: Michael Pressman, the director, also plays the the news manager in the scene where April tells her boss that she is following up on TGRI. (00:37:05)

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Question: Does anybody know how soon this movie takes place after the first one? The foot soldiers are regrouping at the "fallback spot" and Shredder digs out of the garbage pile which would suggest anywhere from 2-24 hours later. Yet somehow April has a brand-new fully furnished apartment and it sounds like the turtles have been there for weeks by the manner in which the neighbor complains about the noise.

Answer: Shredder could have been unconscious for days before he even began to dig his way out. Also, some apartments come furnished. The neighbor is likely one of those neighbors that always has to complain about something, and exaggerate at that. It's probably been about a week or so.

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That still doesn't explain the scene with the foot clan.

Answer: Maybe they went into hiding for a while before meeting at the junkyard. It's unlikely they'd be remembering where to go after a huge battle from the previous TMNT movie. It was hectic after all.

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