Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze

Corrected entry: Given that the Foot were watching Professor Perry carefully it's highly impossible he could've changed the mutagen up to ensure low intelligence for Tokka and Rahzar without them noticing.


Correction: How so? Even if they were watching every move he made with a microscope, it's not like they would have the knowledge to understand what he's doing to the formula at any given time. If you don't understand computers, and you watch someone working on a program, you'd have no idea if they are coding a word document to have new fonts or making a virus to fry your computer.

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Corrected entry: During the fight sequence between the Turtles and the foot soldiers in the TGRI lab, Michaelangelo has the Ooze when two foot soldiers somersault into view to surround our groovy hero. Watch the foot soldier flipping into the shot in the background. You can see the crash pad he's landing on to help protect the actor. (00:26:25)

Correction: Watched that part several times over, even in slow mo to find it. I never saw any evidence of a crash pad.

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Corrected entry: It is impossible for Vanilla Ice to have come up with a song so quickly for when the Turtles and Freaks were fighting at his concert. The fight was an unexpected, unplanned event that crashed his concert, and he suddenly had a fully written song called Ninja Rap for the fight, specifically singing about the Turtles. (01:09:50)

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Correction: It's called "freestyling" and every jazz musician and rap battle contestant ever has used this method of performing. For example, the popular song "Linus and Lucy" which is widely regarded as the theme to the animated "Peanuts" franchise was originally performed as an improvisation. The music in this rap is a generic beat to which Vanilla Ice improvises words. Any rapper worth his salt could have done what Mr. Ice does here.

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Corrected entry: In the end after the Ninjas destroy the bad guy, they fall in some kind of pool. When they come up we can see that they are practically dry.

Correction: They're turtles, their skin does not absorb water like ours does. 'Practically dry" is not completely dry, so there's no mistake here.

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Corrected entry: When the turtle Tokka (Rhazar?) jumps in the hole to chase after the turtle brothers, he gets stuck. If you look at his shell, one of the spikes has bent as if the shell is rubber. Seeing as he was a turtle before, the shell should be rock hard.

Correction: The outer layer of a turtle's shell (where a snapping turtle's spikes would be) are made of keratin, just like your fingernails which will bend with enough force. Snapping Turtles don't have very protective shells to begin with and Tokka certainly weighs a fair bit. It's not unreasonable that the spike could have warped under that kind of pressure.

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Corrected entry: At the end, after Shredder has taken the ooze and his suit has changed, look at the 'muscles' he's grown. They're just painted onto the cloth.

Correction: This is so obvious it was almost certainly intended to be just a design on the cloth. If they wanted muscle definition, they'd have just used a muscle suit like they made for the turtles (but leave off the shell...).

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Corrected entry: There is only one full canister of Ooze in the entire movie. Shredder uses some of the Ooze on the animals to create Tokaa and Razor but then in any other shot with the canister, (as in the one with Vanilla Ice or when Shredder puts some in a glass vial) it is completely full once again.

Correction: As the movie progresses, the canister is tossed about. It's likely the level of the ooze changes, but since we only get to see a small section of the ooze through the canister, it's likely we can't tell it's changed. The ooze probably sticks to the sides of the canister.

Corrected entry: April O'Neal is a news anchor for Channel Three, so why in the beginning of the film is she on location interviewing the TGRI personnel? News anchors do not do that.

Correction: She's always been a reporter in the movies and cartoon canon. Always.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Shredder takes the last of the ooze for himself. When the Turtles see him larger, and stronger, his suit is changed. The ooze would only change his body, not his suit.

Correction: Only if he really drank it like the turtles claim. Shredder may have poured the ooze on himself therefore it would mutate the suit as well.

Revealing mistake: When Raphael and Keno are in the junkyard and the fight breaks out, some of the weapons bend and twist. The staves are supposed to be solid wood. (00:45:50)

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Leonardo: I'm Leonardo.
Michaelangelo: I'm Michaelangelo.
Donatello: Donatello.
Raphael: I'm Raphael.
Michaelangelo: All the good ones end in "O".

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Trivia: The actors responsible for all of the turtles' voices have cameos in the movie except for Raphael's.

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