Top Gun: Maverick

Other mistake: In the Darkstar takeoff sequence, there is a cockpit shot where Maverick looks back after passing over the Admiral, then looks forward into the cockpit. You can see that the landing gear handle is still in the "down" position and the 3 "gear down and locked" lights are illuminated. At this point in the flight the gear has already been retracted (confirmed visually in the previous external shot).

Other mistake: When Cyclone and Warlock show Maverick the 12 candidates, Maverick looks at Rooster's profile, left of which is that of Hangman. There you see that Rooster and Hangman have the same Department of Defense ID: 720,956,349. (00:20:06)


Other mistake: The beginning footage shows the USS Roosevelt CVN 71 as the carrier being used for flight ops, yet they refer to it in the movie as the USS Lincoln, CVN 72.

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Suggested correction: You are absolutely correct, except it's never suggested they are the same aircraft carrier. The opening sequence is just for "flavor."


Other mistake: After Hangman shoots down the last 5th Gen fighter you can see his F-18 in all remaining shots including landing still has all its missiles. (01:55:41 - 01:56:20)

Other mistake: In movie, Harvard and Yale are the crew of one of the dual F18. Harvard is wearing the Navy Aviator Wings on his patch, Yale is wearing WSO wings. Later, in aerial scenes, Yale is in the front seat of the plane and Harvard in the rear - the wrong way round. (01:40:00)

Plot hole: Any strike on a military facility by incoming aircraft would first take out the SAM sites with missiles to clear the way for said aircraft to operate freely. After all, the Tomahawks fly right past the attacking planes and take out the runway with no issues at all - no reason they couldn't hit the high and exposed SAMs.

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Suggested correction: The idea was to use the tomahawks to take out the airfield and prevent enemy planes from taking off. The SAMs could be evaded by flying through the canyon so the airfield was considered a higher priority target.


While that may be so, those planes exit would have a difficult time out running and avoiding that many SAMs. It's not like the ship wouldn't have enough tomahawks to take out the SAMs as well.

Taking out the airfield was deemed necessary to complete the mission, taking out SAMs beyond the canyon was not. The original plan didn't take into account the pilots surviving the mission in the first place, so the Navy didn't bother with extra strikes on SAM sites. Maverick had to struggle to get them to approve this plan in the first place too, so he wouldn't be able to convince them to put even more effort into it.


They still have to avoid the SAMs on the way out, no canyon to protect them then.

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Rear Admiral: The end is inevitable, Maverick. Your kind is headed for extinction.
Maverick: Maybe so, sir. But not today.

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Trivia: Despite long being one of Hollywood's most bankable stars, this was the first Tom Cruise film to earn more than $100 million at the domestic box office on its opening weekend. It also went on to become his highest grossing film, as well as his first film to gross $1 billion worldwide.

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Question: If these were the best of the best, going on a mission crucial to world peace, why were they in aircraft that were outdated and outgunned? It mentioned several times they would never stand a chance against the dreaded "5th generation" enemy fighters. Why not use the F-35?

Answer: The real-world answer is that F-35s only come in single-seat configuration, so there was no way to put the actors in one seat for filming while pilots flew the plane. It would also make for less of an "underdog" feel of going up against overwhelming odds. The in-universe answer is that F-18s are better suited for the kind of mission it is.

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