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Corrected entry: In the final dog fight scene Maverick implies there is no way the F-14 Tom Cat can outrun a "5th generation" fighter jet. The F-14 is actually one of the fastest fighter jets in service history, with a top speed of 1540mph (Faster than the F-18 at 1190mph). The F-14's top speed is actually better than or comparable to most known 5th Gen fighters, which range between 1200 - 1600 mph.

Correction: Maverick states that they can't outrun their missiles and guns.

Corrected entry: In all the scenes of the movie, only the aircraft carrier is shown. An aircraft carrier is part of a strike group or battle group protected by multiple ships to include cruisers, destroyers or frigates, and an auxiliary ship. All the scenes are of a single carrier and no protective ships.

Correction: The carrier strike group rarely travels close enough to be in frame, unless for a photo op or something similar. The Ticonderoga-class cruiser that fired the tomahawk missiles is shown.


Corrected entry: The SAMs in the movie, which are most likely SA-6s, are pretty old and would for one not be used anymore, and if they would, they would have a range of about 20nm. They also wouldn't be alone, and would most likely be accompanied by IR-guided SAMs, which are able to seek into the valley.

Correction: The SAMs are most likely SA-3's (NATO Designation GOA). While they do share similar shapes, the SA-6 is launched from a mobile platform with 3 missiles, and notably lacks the forebody fins of the SA-3. Furthermore, the SA-3 is indeed launched from a 4-missile rail that looks very similar to the platform in the Movie. As an additional mistake, the F/A-18's used in the movie launch flares against these missiles, while the missiles are radar guided. (Chaff is needed instead, which is not shown).

Corrected entry: When the Daggers take off from the carrier, Maverick can be seen holding onto a rail with his right hand until the aircraft leaves the carrier deck, and he is jolted as the aircraft drops. In reality he would have had both hands on the throttle and stick during takeoff. This gives away that he was sitting in the rear seat, as all the actors did during the flight sequences.

Correction: The pilots do not have control of the plane during carrier launch. They hold on to the handle as the plane flies itself for the first few moments. This prevents accidents and the stress of the pilot is reduced.

Corrected entry: Maverick's rank changes from captain to full bird colonel on his flight uniform during his ass chewing by the three star general following his inverted dive with Rooster.

Correction: Ha. Full Bird Colonel is an Army/Air Force Rank. In the Navy... that is Captain.

US Navy Captain is an O-6 which is equivalent US Amy / USAF Colonel - across all services they share the same Insignia in order to allow for all US military personnel to identify rank correctly across the services. So in this sense - Maverick's rank insignia as a US Navy Captain, is correct.

Corrected entry: The team is required to fly at high speed due to the anticipation of 5th gen fighters intercepting them on the way out. Issue 1 - They blew up the nearest airbase, so where would these fighters come from? Issue 2 - If they expected them from another nearby base, they should have launched the tomahawks later in the mission (as it was, they would have given the enemy a major head start by blowing up the runway about a minute to early). Note: The only planes that arrive were totally unexpected.


Correction: They say in the film that the point of the runway strike is to stop new aircraft taking off, but that some will already be in the air on patrol - those are the ones which come after the US planes.

I wondered too why they attacked the airfield when they did. That attack is what tipped the bad guys off, right? Without that warning the team could have flown up the canyon with less speed, have an easier shot at the target, and climb out with less danger. Escaping without crashing into the steep mountain was perhaps the most difficult part of the mission. So why not hit the airfield after the target it hit?

That is fair, but they seemed fairly surprised when the 2 bandits appeared on radar, and the Air Boss even asked where they came from. If they anticipated patrols, he shouldn't have been so surprised. They still launched the tomahawks way too early - there was no reason not to time them to hit at the approximate time that Maverick was in position to fire. Time was stated as their biggest adversary, and the tomahawks landing early cost them decent amount of it.


My assumption was that after taking out the initial aircraft, they'd assumed that was all there were, presumably with no others on radar. The final two may well just have been further away than radar range. The missile timing is a bit debateable - given their job was to stop any new fighters taking off, and the F-18s being under the radar would keep them secret anyway, it didn't need to be down to the second. Perhaps they wanted to hit the runway early enough to give the planes time to cancel the attack if the runway wasn't properly disabled.

They WERE surprised when they appeared on their radar. That's the point of the 5th generation stealth technology! The "where'd they come from" response was spontaneous, since the radar picture was clear and then it wasn't.


Correction: While it wouldn't surprise me if the David Bowie song being in the film is a reference to the fact that Connelly was in "Labyrinth" with him... I feel like it should be pointed out that "Let's Dance" is not from "Labyrinth." You're getting it confused with "Magic Dance," which was the song in "Labyrinth." (Albeit both are similar, upbeat tunes.) "Let's Dance" was released in 1983, whereas "Labyrinth" (and "Magic Dance") came out in 1986. I'll submit a word-change.


Correction: These scenes were entirely intentional and reinforce the essential theme of the movie. The titular character is in fact a "maverick" who disregards the rules when it suits him - and usually gets away with it.

Works for me. I was just making the statement from a legal aspect. :).

Movie Medic

Corrected entry: During the final mission, it's mentioned that a T-LAM strike from the Ticonderoga-class cruiser USS Leyte Gulf will precede the Top Gunners and destroy the airfield. However, the number of tomahawks shown in flight is far too many to have been fired from a single ship given how close together they are (practically in close formation).


Correction: Yes we can fire that many in a short amount of time.

Granted it's been over 20 years since I was on a Tico (a snipe at that), and we only fired a dozen in a single strike, but maybe our mission profiles didn't call for rapid succession. I would defer to someone who has more contemporary experience.


Corrected entry: Tom plays a Captain but there is a scene in the hangar where he is wearing the rank of Lt Colonel on his shoulder.

Correction: I've rewatched this scene (I assume the one where they find out who POPS really is) in particular and there's not a really clear shot of his rank patches, and from what I could tell they were the eagle of a USN Captain.


There is no rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the US Navy. The equivalent rank (three stripes or a silver oak leaf cluster) is Commander.


Corrected entry: Maverick and Rooster parachute down and throw their helmets when they meet. They then find the runway and the F14, towards which they run without their helmets. When they steal the F14 they have their original helmets with their names back on.

Correction: Their helmets are clipped onto their far hips when running to the F14.

Corrected entry: Maverick apparently owns a P-51D Mustang, an aircraft that costs anywhere from $2-4 million dollars. He purchased this ostensibly on an O-6 salary, which maxes at around $13,000 a month.

Correction: It's not mentioned, but the few scenes showing the Mustang show Maverick performing maintenance on the plane; He restored it, which would not necessarily cost as much as if he outright purchased it. He's been flying for nearly 40 years and may have connections/friends/acquaintances who helped him get the plane.


Correction: He never had a family and he fixed it up. Pretty easy to save up that much money when you make 120k with no expenses.

Corrected entry: The only export customer for the Tomcat was Iran. But the "fifth gen" enemy fighters were PAK FA (Sukhoi T-50 / Su-57) which are flown only by Russia.

Correction: Entertainment films deliberately fictionalize something in our world, per their story-telling tradition. That's deliberate and is exactly what sets them apart from a security camera feed. Another thing that you see in the film that doesn't exist IRL is Captain Pete "Maverick" Mitchell.


Corrected entry: In the shot where the first two-ship descends into the crater, the bombs on screen seem to be a pair 1000 or 2000 bombs that are laser guided, but when they are dropped, they suddenly become small unpowered rockets.

Correction: The bombs used in the final assault are GBU-24 laser guided 2000 lb bombs. When dropped, additional fin surfaces extend from tail. Could this be what gave them their "rocket" appearance?

Corrected entry: Lt. Robert "Bob" Floyd Is a F-18 pilot wearing glasses. As far as I understand all fighter pilots are required to have 20/20 vision.


Correction: On top of that (which is a relatively new policy) - he's a Weapons System Officer (WSO), not a pilot, and he wouldn't have the same vision requirements, anyway.


Correction: To become a pilot, that means the candidate's vision can be no worse than 20/70 (correctable with glasses to 20/20) in each eye.

Corrected entry: When Cruise takes off in the Darkstar plane, he launches at the end of a runway that for some reason has a guard shack on it.

Movie Medic

Correction: How is this a mistake? The guard shack is not "on" the runway. It is along the access road at the gate of the perimeter fence. Maverick goes through that same gate, and past that same guard shack, when he enters the base.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

You can look at any airfield (military) there is no guard shack or entrance that close to a runway especially if it's for a secret project like the Aurora.

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Corrected entry: The movie had Top Gun in San Diego. The Naval Air Weapons School (Top Gun) is in Fallon, Nevada, nowhere near water or an ocean. Part of the reason for this location is to have more exercises with nearby Red Flag at Nellis AFB.

Correction: All of what you said was correct. However, it can be argued this is intentional. The group of pilots are all TopGun graduates, not students. They are referred to a few times as a "detachment." My interpretation is that they were assembled by the TopGun command, but trained out of North Island. Doesn't explain the Fightertown USA banner featured prominently in a few scenes.


Corrected entry: An enemy aircraft launches a sidewinder heat seeking missile, and that enemy aircraft is immediately destroyed by a US aircraft. What happened to the inflight sidewinder? It disappeared. Sidewinders have their own internal guidance system, it's a fire-and-forget weapon. Once launched, the launching aircraft can be destroyed but the sidewinder will continue flight to its target and destroy it. So the original plane that was saved should have actually been destroyed.

Correction: The missile was destroyed in the explosion of the launching aircraft as it was still next to it.

Correction: Why would an enemy aircraft have AIM 9L Sidewinders? Rather, they would have the own missile such as an AA-2 Atoll, of which we know little of its fire and forget capabilities.


Deliberate mistake: During the scenes where Maverick is flying the Darkstar spy plane, his helmet is lit up on the inside, so we can see his face. In reality the light would be reflecting off the plexiglass, meaning we would not be able to see his face, and he would not be able to see at all.

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Trivia: In Top Gun, Maverick is told "We both know you won't be happy unless you're doing mach 2 with your hair on fire." In this film he achieves Mach 10, and does indeed come down in flames.

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Question: If these were the best of the best, going on a mission crucial to world peace, why were they in aircraft that were outdated and outgunned? It mentioned several times they would never stand a chance against the dreaded "5th generation" enemy fighters. Why not use the F-35?

Answer: The real-world answer is that F-35s only come in single-seat configuration, so there was no way to put the actors in one seat for filming while pilots flew the plane. It would also make for less of an "underdog" feel of going up against overwhelming odds. The in-universe answer is that F-18s are better suited for the kind of mission it is.

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