You've Got Mail

Continuity mistake: Brinkley, Joe's male dog, is obviously a smaller female dog, and she is played by two different dogs. One dog has longer hair than the other. The two dogs keep switching back and forth. The dog(s) never seem to respond to the computer screen or any other directed area, they are firmly focused on their trainer.

Continuity mistake: When Meg Ryan is waiting to meet her online friend (Tom Hanks), Tom picks up the rose and puts it in his mouth, but when the camera cuts to a view behind him he is just spinning it. (01:01:40)

Revealing mistake: There are several scenes Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks' computers do not have any telephone wires attached to them. They are in an era where they were using AOL dial up, as heard by the connection. They were not using wireless.

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Person in Theatre: Do you mind?
Frank Navasky: A hotdog is singing. You need quiet while a hotdog is singing?

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Question: What kind of sailboat (designer/brand) is Fox III?

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