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Corrected entry: A little more than half way in, right after the store closes, Tom Hanks' character and girlfriend are getting into an elevator (this is the scene where the elevator gets stuck). As they walk into the elevator, Hanks says "Hello Joe" to the elevator man, whose name is Charlie. It's Hanks' character who is named Joe.

Correction: I listened to this scene carefully and he definitely calls the elevator man Charlie. He just does it very quickly.

Corrected entry: This is a strange one. In the scene where Meg Ryan is just about to leave her empty store and close up for the last time, she walks past a bench and runs her hand along it. In the foreground as this is happening, (and this is where it gets strange) you see someone in all black with a white hand held to their side and a white face, run by. It's not Meg Ryan because when she walks past this mirror/window herself, you see no reflection. If it was a window, why doesn't the person appear in the other windows before and after they've walked past that particular window? It must have been someone in the background caught in a mirror, but to look at it is really creepy.

Correction: I watched the scene multiple times. When it cuts to Meg's back, the person has already passed by the door. It was just an extra. No ghost. Also, the guy was just bundled up.

Correction: There is also a sign outside the store. This sign was for all the people who were leaving the store during the closeout.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: When Meg Ryan and her co-workers are trying to guess why Tom Hanks didn't show up for their date, they always come up with a reason why he didn't call her. How about this: he didn't call because he didn't even have her phone number, they had agreed not to exchange personal information including their phone numbers, addresses or real names. (01:06:36)

Correction: Obviously they are referring to the fact that he could have called her at the coffee shop where they were supposed to meet and reached her that way. He knew she was carrying the flower and could have asked the coffee shop personnel to speak to the woman with the rose & the book.

Corrected entry: At the cocktail party, Hanks and Ryan are discussing why he and the children had visited Ryan's book store. Hanks explains that they wanted to buy a book and Ryan's store was the only place where a child's book could be purchased. He then says, "That will not always be the case", implying that such books can be purchased at Fox Books after it has opened. At that point in the story, Fox Books is already open. The correct statement would be, "That is no longer the case."

Correction: Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) is rather implying that Kathleen will have to close her bookstore soon. Not that children's books can now be purchased in his store.

Corrected entry: When Hank's father separates from his wife and arrives at the boatdock, the two men shake hands and the father says, "Welcome aboard." Hanks is already aboard - the father is the newcomer.

Correction: The father is welcoming Joe onto his boat, Joe's boat is named "Fox III", docked right next to the boat they are on.

Corrected entry: In the scene described previously about the buffet table. Tom Hank's character is seen taking a large amount of caviar. Meg Ryan's character berates him for taking all the "garnish". He proceeds to take another scoop of the now regenerated caviar garnish.

Correction: They cut to a long shot, then when they cut back to the caviar, the original scoop is still missing. His next scoop is taken from the far side of the plate where caviar was still remaining.

Corrected entry: When the movie first starts, a bunch of stores are seen opening up for business in the morning. One store that is seen opening has a sign that says, "Open 24 hours". If it is open 24 hours, why is the store opening? It should already be open.

Correction: It's a locksmith that offers 24 hour service (ie. emergency call-out). It's not open 24 hours.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when Kathleen found out that Joe was in fact her online love interest she confessed to him she hoped it was him all along. However, in real live, most women would be furious and feel betrayed by his lies and manipulations.

Mike Lynch

Correction: The fact that you said most means some wouldn't, so just by that statement it's not a mistake, and certainly not a factual error. But a character doing something different from what you assume others would do doesn't constitute a mistake.


Revealing mistake: There are several scenes Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks' computers do not have any telephone wires attached to them. They are in an era where they were using AOL dial up, as heard by the connection. They were not using wireless.

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