West Side Story

West Side Story (2021)


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Tony: All my life, it's like I'm always just about to fall off the edge of the world's tallest building. I stopped falling the second I saw you.

Diesel: Hey, I'm depraved on account of I'm deprived.

Bernardo Vasquez: You keep away from him, as long as you're in my house.
Maria Vasquez: I'm a grown-up now, Bernardo. I'm gonna think for myself.

Bernardo Vasquez: Tonight is about family.

Riff: You know, I wake up to everything I know either getting sold or wrecked or being taken over by people that I don't like, and they don't like me, and you know what's left out of all of that? The Jets.

Maria Vasquez: I want to be happy here. I want to make a life, a home.
Bernardo Vasquez: You stay away from him.
Maria Vasquez: I'm going to think for myself.

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Answer: No, she doesn't, but Tony is shot and killed.

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