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This version of the 1957 stage musical/1961 film is subtly updated for the 2021 screen as a romantic musical drama where the Jets and Sharks battle for territory while Tony and Maria engage in timeless love despite their warring factions; Romeo and Juliet set in a poor neighborhood. It soars, it sometimes still falls into some racial morasses, but the music and dancing elevate it much like the original. Very period accurate and pleasant in a nostalgic sense. 4 stars.

Erik M.

Continuity mistake: When Tony is below Maria's fire escape, there's a shot of her back with her fingers grabbing the platform. Shot changes to Tony's POV where she moves her hand and changes her grip. Then shot goes back to the previous angle of her still with the same grip.


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Diesel: Hey, I'm depraved on account of I'm deprived.

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Answer: No, she doesn't, but Tony is shot and killed.

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