Wrongfully Accused

Wrongfully Accused (1998)

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Corrected entry: After being convicted of a crime and escaping the prison bus, Ryan Harrison shouldn't have any money at all. (He bought the fishing gear later in the movie).

Correction: Harrison asked the fishing-gear clerk to give him a check to pay for the purchase. Beyond the fact that this movie is a grand comedy and therefore depends on comedic license, Harrison also had change to pay for his (prison) bus ride. Perhaps the critic is implying that such a convict should have empty bank accounts after defending himself?

Corrected entry: At the start, when the main character is conducting the band, and he looks at the attractive lady, she licks the cigar and the drawer opens. After she bites the cigar, the drawer closes, it shouldn't have unless he was stuck to it somehow.

Correction: That's the whole point of the joke.


Correction: Ryan got an erection when he saw Lauren lick the cigar which caused the drawer to open. After she bit the cigar, his erection disappeared which is why the drawer closed.

Continuity mistake: When Ryan jumps out of the back of the diaper truck, his face is completely normal. When he stands up, his face is blue and his cheeks have bulged out. (00:50:35)

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Judge: Ryan Harrison, a jury of your peers have found you guilty of murder. On August 12th at Stillwater Federal Prison you shall have your sentence carried out. You shall be executed buffet style: lethally injected, electrocuted, and placed before a firing squad. May God have mercy on your soul, you bastard you.

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Trivia: When Ryan (Leslie Nielsen) jumps away from the bus as it gets hit by a train, Ryan lands on a bicycle that doesn't have a seat. In the movie The Naked Gun 2 1/12: The Smell Of Fear, Frank Drebin (also played by Leslie Nielsen) tells Hapsburg that the truth hurts, but not as much as jumping on a bicycle with no seat.

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