Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Corrected entry: When Charlie leaves the candy store with the winning wonka bar, he puts it in his pocket. But the next scene shows him taking it out of his bag.

Correction: They never actually show him put the bar in his pocket or in his bag. If you look closely you can see that he is counting the remaining coins he has and putting them into his pocket. He must have put the candy bar in his bag while walking from the counter to the door, which is not shown in the movie.

Corrected entry: When the eggs fall in the Eggdicator, they fall about a second after they get on. The same happens to Veruca, but Mr. Salt falls as soon as he touches it.

Correction: The trap door was still open from when his daughter had gone down, so he just jumped in.

Garlonuss Premium member

Corrected entry: When Charlie asks for his second candy bar from the candy store owner, watch what the candy shop owner is doing. He looks into a clear jar by unscrewing the top. Why can't he just look in through the side?

Correction: If sweets have been constantly taken from the middle of the jar, as they often are, then the level seen through the side is misleading. Therefore to have a proper look at how full the jar is it is quite normal to take the lid off to look inside. It would also be the case if they had gotten stuck to the jar itself, there would be no way of telling how many are in it.

David Mercier

Corrected entry: In the scene where the children are in the candy store after school, the Candyman is giving candy away freely (no one is paying) and he is throwing so much out to so many children that it would be hard to calculate how much each child owes for the candy he/she ate. But when Charlie goes in (when he finds the money in the gutter) the Candyman "ummmhumm"s for money as payment for the candybar he gave Charlie, as Charlie is scarfing it down. Why doesn't Charlie get free candy?

Correction: The Candyman is only handing out little sweets, as a means of ensuring customer loyalty. The children didn't ask for them, he just gives them. However, Charlie asked for a particular chocolate bar - of course he's expected to pay for what he asks for.

Corrected entry: When Charlie and his grandpa are flying in the drink room, they both each yell out "wheee". When Charlie says it, his mouth isn't moving, he's just smiling.

Correction: When the sound "wheee" is made, the mouth forms a smile shape, and it's not necessary to move the mouth while making it. Therefore, he would only appear to be smiling when he made the sound.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Wonka plays the musical lock, the room is tiny, as is the door. The shot then changes to the other side of the door, which is enormous. Surely then we would see the surrounding "tiny" walls from the previous shot and the guests all crouching.

Correction: This is supposed to happen, to show just how crazy and magical the factory is. Mrs. Gloop foreshadows this, saying, "You're not squeezing me through that tiny door." Then we see that the door is magic by seeing that not only one person, but the whole group at once can indeed pass through the door.

Corrected entry: Judging from the make of the cars and the hippie peace signs on the walls, I'd say the movie was set in the early 60's. How then did Wonka parody Neil Armstrong's moon landing line?


Correction: They never specifically say when the movie or the story takes place. It was released in 1971, but a date was never said in the movie.

Bruce Minnick

Corrected entry: When Wonka first plays the flute, an OompaLoompa gets there rather fast, considering that they were all across the river. There weren't any OompaLoompas on the candy side of the room when everybody entered.


Correction: There are many Oompa Loompas all over the factory, not just in one room. We don't know where this one came from; evidently it was nearby.


Corrected entry: In the scene on the boat, at the rate they are going, one would think that their hair would be blowing. It is very obvious that no one's hair seems to be blowing at all.

Correction: It's a magical boat. Though they have a sensation of great speed, its probably not moving very fast at all. The factory is only so big.


Corrected entry: As the movie progresses anything involving the number of children/parents is gradually decreased as are the number of children/parents, but they should have been enough for all 10 originally. Example: just enough seats on paddle boat and ride through the wonkawash, also the number of coats and goggles available before the TV room.

Correction: Wonka, while not being able to say with all certainty how many guests would be at each point along the tour, knew without a doubt that one or more would not follow the rules. The fact that the number of guests' spaces changes along the way could be due to the fact that the Oompa-Loompas make preparations or changes ahead of the tour's arrival.

Corrected entry: How did "Slugworth" get to Charlie and Vericua so fast? They discovered the tickets and in a few short seconds he was there.


Correction: We can assume that Wonka probably knew the location of all the golden tickets, and so as Slugworth really worked for Wonka, he was probably sent to the locations to watch for the winners.

mandy gasson

Corrected entry: Why isn't Charlie disqualified like the other children were? They all do something horrendous so as to be disposed of, eg: Violet chewed the gum, Augustus drank from the chocolate river, etc. But Charlie and Grandpa Joe did (just as Wonka claimed toward the end of the movie) drink fizzy lifting drinks against his orders, and yet Charlie still 'wins' the factory in the end.

Correction: Remember that the other children's selfish actions caused them to be 'disposed of' - they literally couldn't continue on the 'tour' because of their physical state (Mike TV and Violet) or because they disappeared. Wonka did try to dismiss ('disqualify') Charlie at the end of the movie for stealing fizzy lifting drinks, but because Charlie was penitent (unlike the other children) and did a good deed (by returning the Everlasting Gobstopper) Wonka knew Charlie had a good heart and rewarded him.


Corrected entry: The scene where everyone is in the paddle boat. The Oompa's are powering the huge paddle at the back of the boat, but there is no water splashing from the paddle.

Correction: That's because they're sailing on a chocolate river, and chocolate is too thick to be splashed.


Corrected entry: In the scene at the end where they are flying over London in the elevator the town below shows cars driving on the right side of the road.

Correction: The DVD commentary states that the film is set in no particular city or country.


Corrected entry: The film is set in England. After the elevator smashes through the roof and is flying over the city you can see that it's a medieval walled city. It's actually Rothenburg Ob Tauber in Southeastern Germany.

Correction: The DVD commentary states that the film is set in no particular city or country.


Corrected entry: Not really a mistake; just something to point out. Charlie's grandparents say they have not been out of the bed in over 20 years. What if they have to go to the bathroom?

Correction: You can see that there are chamber pots under the bed.

Corrected entry: Mr. Wonka says he transported the whole Oompa Loompa population to his factory. Then why is it that as the movie progresses, we see no female Oompa Loompas? This could cause a great question to how Charlie will have any workers when he takes over the factory.

Correction: We don't know much about the anatomy of Oompa Loompas, but perhaps they just divide down the center like flatworms and make two new Oompa Loompas. A scary thought, I know, but it's possible.


Corrected entry: When Charlie is walking home from school, just before he reaches the candy store, you can clearly see a "Beavis and Butthead" poster on the wall. The movie is set at least thirty years before the creation of this cartoon.

Correction: Nothing to do with when the movie was set - it was made years before B & B were even thought of (1971). It's actually an old Cadbury chocolate ad on a vending machine.

Corrected entry: Mrs. Teevee refers to the music Wonka plays on the Musical Lock as Rachmaninov. It is actually the beginning of The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart.

Correction: This is a joke rather than a mistake; it is used to highlight the arrogance of Mrs Teevee and the fact she thinks she knows everything (ie. that there is no OompaLoompa land)

Corrected entry: Small contradiction: Wonka flips when the boy drinks from his chocolate river and later even falls into it. Wonka is angry given the contamination of his chocolate, however a few minutes later he happily takes the whole lot on a boat on that same river, a boat on which people even become seasick. Enjoy your bar Mr. Wonka.

Correction: Wonka says that his chocolate "must never be touched by human hands." The hull of the boat is probably sterilized. As far as people getting seasick, as whimsical and absent-minded as Wonka can be, it probably never occurred to him that this might happen.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Revealing mistake: When Charlie and Grandpa Joe drink the fizzy lifting drink and are floating in the air you can see the hook that is connected to the wire that Charlie is being held up by.

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Trivia: Peter Ostrum won the role for Charlie while acting at the Cleveland Playhouse children's theater in 6th grade. He had no acting experience after that, and is now a veterinarian.

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Question: When Charlie goes into the candy shop and gets a Scrumdiddlyumptious bar, he gobbles it down and the man warns him he'll get a stomach ache. The fifth golden ticket had been found (or so Charlie thinks at this point), so he can't be digging for it. I've never understood: what was the point in eating it so fast?


Chosen answer: In the original book, Charlie has an obsession with chocolate that he only satiates once a year on his birthday. Also, at this point in the book, the Bucket family is going through an extremely hard time and Charlie has had less food than he usually would have, so he is EXTREMELY hungry.

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