Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Corrected entry: How come Charlie didn't get any publicity after he found his golden ticket? Everyone else did.

Correction: Actually, Charlie did get some publicity, as Wonka tells Charlie he read about him in the papers.


Correction: Because he found his ticket the day before the tour, there was not enough time for publicity.

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After buying a regular Wonka bar and finding the last golden ticket, a woman comes up and pulls Charlie to a group of people and announces loudly that he found it. There could have been enough time from the moment the crowd of people saw Charlie with the golden ticket to Charlie making it home for someone to get the information.

Corrected entry: At Wonka's factory gates (coming from his entrance door towards the gates on the right) there's a road traffic sign which states '(you are on a) priority road' on the road is bending to the left. I presume the set (gates, carpets, office) was build on an existing junction.

Correction: The scene is not built on a road but in Munich Gasswerks gate.

Corrected entry: This movie was actually made to be a gimmick for a new candy bar that was going to be introduced the same day as the movie's premiere. However, some mistake was made in the candy bars' formula, causing them to melt before they got to the stores, and a mass recall for the candy bars was issued. But the movie still turned out to be a hit.

Correction: This is not true. The documentary indicates that the movie was made from the book and cost approx. 2 million dollars to make. They got 1 million in funding from Quaker in a deal that suggested Quaker make a Wonka Bar to coincide with the movie's release. At the time of release, the movie was not a hit. It has continued to grow in popularity over the years.

Corrected entry: When Willy Wonka is slowly walking towards the kids, you can easily tell which brick is designed to hold his cane in place. It's much darker then all of the others.

Correction: That's so Willy Wonka knows which brick to stick his cane in. Not a mistake.

Willy Wonka would already know which brick to use for his cane because he owns the whole factory, This entry is solely intended to inform anybody who watches the movie which brick is different from the others so they can see it for themselves.

Revealing mistake: After Violet has chewed the gum and is blowing up, if you look near the bottom of her right leg, you can see the air hose that is blowing her up. Visible on full screen only.

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Trivia: In the beginning of the movie, when the candy store owner is singing the candy man song, there's a spot towards the end of the song where he lifts up his counter to let all the kids in. Watch the little blonde girl as she gets walloped in the chin by the counter. (00:04:30)

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Question: Why did the author of the book, that this movie is based on, hate this movie version so much?

Android Kaeli

Chosen answer: He felt that it took too many liberties with the story. In the original agreement, Dahl himself was to write the screenplay (he was, by that point, a not-unsuccessful screenwriter), only to find that his version of the script was subsequently heavily re-written, including what Dahl felt were a number of unnecessary gimmicks, such as Wonka's penchant for literary quotations. Even the title of the film was changed from the original "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", in order to tie into the launch of the "Wonka Bar", a new candy bar made by the Quaker Oats company, who co-financed the film. Annoyed at all the changes, he ultimately disowned the film and refused to sell the cinematic rights to the sequel, "Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator".

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