Wild Wild West

Factual error: Gordon shines a light through the back of the disembodied scientist's head to project his last visual image onto a screen. When the image on the screen is inverted Gordon remarks that "Refraction of the lenses causes the image to appear upside down". True; when an image passes through the lens at the front of the eyeball the lens inverts the image and it is upside-down when it hits the retina. However, Gordon is projecting the captured image on the retina back through the lens of the eyeball and onto the screen. When the image passes back out the lens would invert the upside-down image and return it to its proper orientation. The image should have been right-side up when it hit the screen.

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Continuity mistake: As the tank pulls out of the lagoon, it has no seaweed on it until it is fully out of the water.

Character mistake: When Gordon describes Leonardo Da Vinci's idea for a flying machine, he mentions Da Vinci designed it in 1540. However, designs for Da Vinci's flying machines were dated as early as 1488 and Leonardo Da Vinci died in 1519.

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Factual error: At the beginning of the movie, we see that the scientist who was killed was wearing his glasses. Hence, his last image would have been a clear one. Of course, the whole process of projecting a man's last sight by means of a light shone through his retinas is preposterous.

Continuity mistake: When Kevin Kline hits Will Smith's metal collar after jumping in the mud, they become magnetised and Kevin's collar sticks above Will's. In the next scene Will's is on top.

Factual error: As Jim and Artemus leave the White House heading for the Wanderer, they both head south. However, if they're taking a train from Washington to the west in 1869, they've got to use the B&O's track. The B&O station was north of the White House.

Continuity mistake: In the cornfield, Gordon grabs a note with his right hand. A shot later he holds it with his left hand.

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Continuity mistake: Jim arrives at the White House and a man stops him, placing his hand on Jim's chest. A shot later his arm is lowered.

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Continuity mistake: When Loveless appears under Lincoln's bust, he has debris on his shoulders, which disappears in the following shot.

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Continuity mistake: When Lincoln's bust explodes a pinkish piece of debris lies on the neck part. When Loveless appears, the debris disappears.

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Continuity mistake: While West is having a bath, an old man walks towards the carriage with a crate. He stops and swings it backwards to increase momentum. When the shot changes he is walking towards the carriage again.

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Continuity mistake: After Gordon is punched on the face, he pinches his nose, raises his hand and tells Lippenreider "Wait." From the opposite angle his arm is lowered.

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Continuity mistake: In the Spider, after West punches Loveless his hair gets messed-up. In the following wide angle where Loveless kicks West his hair looks fine.

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Continuity mistake: In the Spider Tank, when the iron man dies and falls backwards, the way West grabs himself onto the column differs between the front angle and the angle shot from behind.

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Continuity mistake: On the Spider Tank West is fighting against an iron man. West walks backwards pass two columns and stands by the column on his right. From the opposite angle he is standing by the column on his left.

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Continuity mistake: During West's fight with the crew of the Spider Tank, he is launched face-front, but in the close-up he falls on his back.

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Continuity mistake: When West is fighting against a man with a blade in each hand, a close-up of West's shoe shows it's surrounded by a wooden floor. In the following angle the foot has an iron platform behind, despite West not having moved.

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Continuity mistake: When the movie begins West is having a bath with a woman who hugs him. When the shot changes she is away from him and hugs him again.

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Continuity mistake: After Gordon gets dragged across the sand by the magnetic collar, he lies 30 cm away from it, his right arm straight. Then West shows up, and angle back to Gordon, who's now just 10 cm away with his arm bent. If he had dragged himself upwards between shots sound had had to be heard.

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Revealing mistake: After removing their magnetic collars, Gordon gets dragged across the floor. Check the sand and you'll notice a trail ahead of him from previous shots.

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Capt. James West: Let me tell you something about your beloved art of disguise, Gordon. That night at Fat Can's, it wasn't a difficult task to tell that you weren't a woman.
Artemus Gordon: I was propositioned by three men.

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Trivia: In the good guys' train, where you see all the guns in the wall you will see a noisy cricket (from Men in Black) and when he gets back to the train in the empty gun case you will see in the foam the shape of the noisy cricket after it was removed by the bad guy, just before Jim West has to settle for the belt gun and the belly dancer's dress.

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Question: During the big fight scene near the end, one of the henchman Will Smith fights lifts a wrench to strike, only to randomly die for seemingly no reason. He screams, some sparks shoot out of his ears, and he's dead. What killed him? I've seen some people say he electrocuted himself on the equipment around him, but that's not true - the wrench is nowhere near hitting anything. Did he just... randomly blow a fuse or something?


Answer: He's some sort of robot or cyborg, and he's shorted out from the damage he received in the brawl.

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Answer: In the original script, Jim West simply sidestepped the menacing MetalHead henchman, who plunged through the doorway, falling to his death. Apparently, this wasn't a spectacular enough way to end the brawl, so the scene was revised to add the huge machine wrench and electrical sparking effects. West intentionally hands the wrench to MetalHead, who grabs it with both hands and raises it to strike; he then shorts-out with electrical sparking effects before falling out the door. I believe the implication is that, when MetalHead grabbed the wrench with both hands, it completed an exposed electrical circuit that caused him to quickly short-out.

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